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Lockheed EC-121 Constellation (HB-RSC) - Lockheed L-1049F Super Constellation
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Lockheed EC-121 Constellation (HB-RSC)


Lockheed L-1049F Super Constellation


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Jerald Tobin
Are you sure that this is an EC-121? I see no ECM equipment on it. The dome on top is missing. This looks like just your average civilian Lockheed Super Connie.
Fabian DirscherlPhoto Uploader
yeah Jerald that`s true. This is not really an EC-121. But this was the only option to choose for a Constellation.
It is a C-121C, cn 4175, delivered Nov. 1, 1955 to US Air Force as 54-0156 (USAF acceptance 21 Sept 1955), registered 26 March 1973 as N73455, registered in Switzerland as HB-RSC 2011. A 360° cockpit view I made two years ago in a hangar from SR-Technics at LSZH Zurich http://www.ico.ch/pano/connie/connie.html - Rolf Eichenberger
Bernard Cline
Wow, the only other Connie I know of in existence that still flys is here in my home town of Kansas City. She is a flying museum hangared at Charles Wheeler Downtown airport here in KC. They had to part out two others to make her fly and they still had to crowd fund to get money to build non-existent parts.
gwapo santa
lovely bird remember them in QANTAS livery in CEYLON 1960
My first flight was on a Lockheed Super Connie ----- Philadelphia to Louisville in 1965 on Eastern Airlines ---- Great Aircraft on which I enjoyed many more flights
john cook
How can I give it six stars ?
Art Troutman
To follow through with SWISSOAK's superb 'genealogy' of this Super Connie - the clue for the exact present Swiss owner is the stylized capital letter "B" on each of the iconic triple vertical stabilizers. That's the logo for Breitling - who have obtained a number of vintage aircraft - and have painstakingly restored them in flyable condition!
Warren Graumann
There are two Constellations located at the Auburn-Lewiston (LEW) airport here in Maine. One is being "rebuilt" by Lufthansa to be a flagship and the other is being stripped for parts.
Michael Laue
sehr geil, Fabian!
Die Kiste muss ich mir auch noch holen ;o)
Jim Newton
I agree; the ECM dome is missing. Incidentally, there is one Connie which is beautifully restored in TWA Livery which is close to certification. You Tube video is available with music to "2001 A Space Odyssey"
See here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0iEqLorxF4
Thomas Cornelia
Had the pleasure of flying several times in this great plane including the Navy's WV2. That was the EC-121, Airborne Early Warning Aircraft that provided surveillance for the 5th Fleet.
Dave Metzger
Still one of the most beautiful planes ever designed. Right up there with the Spitfire and its elliptical wings.
Alexander Viduetsky
Fantastic! I would love to see it flying!
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