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McDonnell Douglas DC-8-60 (JA8006)


This is a Post Card from the early 1970s. I did not photograph this!
Here is one especially for our Japanese members.
Posing on the tarmac is a Japan Air lines McDonnell Douglas DC8 along with a Stewardess in her Komono uniform at Toyko Int'l (Haneda) Airport. Kamakura appears under the cockpit windows and is a city south of Tokyo they appear to be honoring. The text on the reverse indicates the approximately 20-hour flight between Tokyo and Paris back then.


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DC8-30 ??
warmwyndsPhoto Uploader

The card only showed the Model and not the variant. The DC8 had 3 variants in the -30 category according to Wikipedia.

Alan Brown
Thank you for posting this, It is always good to look back on the history of all of our aviation history both military and commercial. I know that United flew several DC-8s and they were a work horse for the airline at one time.
warmwyndsPhoto Uploader

Thank for your comment.
Imagine telling a passenger back then that in the future you would have to pay for luggage to fly, possibly pay for your food and snacks, pass through multiple screening stations and
a few more that do not come to mind that they would tell you to go "Fly a Kite". That would be cheaper. Clear Skies!
Bill Merriner
Yes, it is a -30 series. I flew one for Capitol International in the 1970's.
warmwyndsPhoto Uploader

That is so cool to have a response from one that flew this type of aircraft. Bet you have a ton of memories. Thank you so much on the response!
According to Planespotters.net and a few random pictures elsewhere on the internet, the tail number for Kamakura was JA8006.
I also have this postcard!

JA8006 was a DC-8-33 (c/n 45626). It was delivered in May 1961, then sold to the USA as N124AJ in 1975 and converted to a freighter. It was eventually scrapped in 1985 at KMIA.
warmwyndsPhoto Uploader

Thanks for that info on this JAL. As you wrote this old bird was scrapped almost 35 years ago and now we and over 2000 viewers got to see it again. Clear Skies!
Good to see JAL back in the air again but why would they re-equip with DC-8s?
Gerald Churchill
I worked the DC-8-33's Delta bought from Pan America when they began flying from Dulles to Europe. Those Birds had a Hydraulic pressure driven air compressor which provided compressed air stored in a Main Landing Gear Drag link which could be used to start an engine at a remote location with no ground support.
William Owens
Very cool, and strange mechanics... weird air-start feature Gerald Churchill. Our company used to own an air-start cart with a Garrett engine for air, also had power for APU etc. This one was used for air-starting Aero Service Corp Sud SE-210 Caravelle. This one was for Magnetometer surveys.Great History
William Owens
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Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о JA8006 (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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