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McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (N68046)


KSFO - Continental DC-10 holding in position on Runway 1R for Newark,NJ. The Millbrae Ave Airpark(now closed) was a great photo parking lot or just sit back in your vehicle and watch......I bought a pick up truck and an 8ft ladder so I could clear the fence line but was far enough back of course - I was never hassled by the Cops in over 15 years filming here....


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I remember Continental well. Took my first 747 ride from Chicago to Denver way back...was great! Love the theme "Proud Bird with the Golden Tail"...
C.W. Reed
Back in the 70's, rode by there a lot (nose pressed against car window)! But never stopped there. Remember a lot of UA DC-8, 727,737 though! 5 star pic! Thank you Tom! Cheers!
Gary Schenauer
Mighty fine five star snap from the past, T. And this pic takes me way back to my teen years at KBUF. The only difference in this scene here from the way it was in my youth is that fence. At KBUF in the early to mid 60s - no fence. We used to drop our bikes on the grass and sit down about 50 to 60 feet or so right off the edge of KBUF's runway 15-33. Never any problems. The NFTA cops would roll up, warn us to be careful about propwash when the propliners did their engine runups and also to stay off the actual taxiway and runway, then they'd tell us to be careful and have a good time .... and then they would drive on. Having that propwash hit us and hearing the engines thundering during the runups was part of the thrill of being so close. When the 727s, DC-9s, 707s, BAC-111s, etc., became more frequent, we had to sit farther away and unfortunately, more and more people started parking and sitting on the grass right by the end of the runway ... and up went the fences. I do miss the way it was. lol TY for this great pic. *****
Gary Schenauer
Jobeard >>> THOSE must be wonderfully memorable days. To be at LAX, sitting right by the runway, watching the major aircraft of those times come past ..... HAS to have been an ultra-thrill. Sometimes, changes in the way things were to the way things are today do not always mean things are better than they used to be. I'm just glad that folks like you and I and others of my acquaintance here on FA did have the opportunities to experience aviation as it used to be. (Both Thumbs Up)
Mike Boote
We really move our tail for you!
To make your every dream come true!
At Continental Airlines
We really move our tail for you!
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Excellent comments and thank you all. The comments are right on.......Gman - don't you wish we all had the knowledge and cameras back then,,,at 8 yrs old or whatever age,,,,my 1st trips to SEA TAC when dad got his new job and had to travel 11 western states, he'd leave every sunday afternoon, and back home on Fridays...we'd clean out SEA TAC ticket counters of any and all flight schedules on the counter,,,the airline clerks probably hated us( I have 4 brothers) so I'm sure we loud, then up to the OBS deck at Seattle waiting for his usual United DC-8 to land - sometimes he'd come in in UAL Convairs? or PNA 707s.
Gary Schenauer
Oh, yeah, Mike!! THAT was a little advertising jingle that many of us had memorized after just hearing it once. Continental was one of the airlines that flew charter runs to SEA and back. A plane full of GIs ... and stews. "We really move our tail for you, to make your every dream come true ...". Oh, yeah, I remember that ditty. I'm gonna take a guess that you are a 60s-70s era vet. ???? Hey, Alien. We used to raid the ticket counters too. Every time we went, we'd check for new timetables. I had a big box of them for many, many years: United, American, Mohawk, Eastern, Northwest Orient, Allegheny, and even Lake Central. And I actually had a buddy down in Texas -- he'd grab Braniff timetables for me and send 'em up. Lugged that box around 'til just a few years ago -- wife made me get rid of it. (PS - She wanted me to sh--can my Playboy foldout collection, too. Huge grin. I tossed the timetables but ALL those foldouts are still here - including Marilyn -- carefully preserved! The only way THEY leave this house is when I'm ashes. LOL!)
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Gman ! LOL!!!! sell them now - take the money and run,,,,the timetables were probably worth more anyway!! LOL!!
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