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15-5063 —
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15-5063 —



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John Rumble
Tough little bird
Glenn Mottley
Here's a link, https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2017/june/pilot/douglas-a-4
Nice little article w/ pics. Cites 1/2 half stick deflection for 360 deg/sec roll rate, full deflection yields 760 deg/sec. Our squadron had just started a transition to A7-A's from A4's when I got there. But it was this little guy that was the lab project for AE's in '71. Article also states that, and this was surprising to me, this aircraft could carry the same bomb load as a B-17! Yes,John ..."Tough little bird!"
Thomas Burnett
APG-53 radar (maybe years earlier)
marylou anderson
nice link.
The Blue Angels I saw @ the USNA in 1976 & 1981 were flying Tom-cats--F-14's I have pics some place! A Warbird much like this one pictured is on the grounds @ the Naval Academy if memory serves me
David Aaron
Nice shot of one of Draken Internationals Skyhawks a common sight at NAS Fallon as they operate several USMC and Navy tactical training contracts.
Alan Hume
Ironic that it should have "Draken" emblazoned on its flanks. Doesn't look like any Saab I know! :)
David Seider
Here's a brief history of BuNo 155063, courtesy of Joe Baugher's excellent website:
A-4F 155063 to USN Mar 1, 1968, operated with VA-155 and VA-55.
Converted to A-4G Aug 1970.
To Royal Australian Navy as N13-155063 (RAN code 876) May 18, 1971. Operated with VF-805 1977. SOC Jun 30, 1983.
To RNZAF Jul 26, 1984, as NZ6217. Operated with 75 Squadron (1985) and 2 Squadron (1987).
Converted to A-4K.
Into storage at Woodbourne AB, May 2003.
To N146EM with Draken International, registered Mar 1, 2013.
Hey, that's a Draken 146 A-4! Doesn't look like Florida..

There's a good chance that hotshot Dale "Snort" Snodgrass might be behind the stick on that?

Did you get any further shots? Possible ground shots?

Isn't the Internet a humbling experience. ;) I had this page up to respond and walked away, came back to read Glenn's article (great article, btw. Thank you, Sir.) and then posted my thoughts. Then of course to my surprise when refreshed to see a lot more from others.

David Aaron - "Nice shot of one of Draken Internationals Skyhawks a common sight at NAS Fallon as they operate several USMC and Navy tactical training contracts."

Thank you, Sir, for bringing that forward!

The venerable A-4. It is amazing how much love and admiration can be felt for one single aircraft type clearly demonstrated in such few words as a result of one picture. What a great community this is! You guys and gals make it fun being a part of this great gathering of aviators and enthusiasts. Thank you!!
Also affectionately known as "Heinemann's Hotrod"!!! :-)
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о 15-5063 (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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