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Robert Cowling
Interesting. What kind of plane is that?
Gary Schenauer
Robert, this is a P-8 Poseidon (167956). This photo looks remarkably similar to a picture taken in 2013 by David Cherkasov and which is posted on the "Airplane Pictures.net" website. It is so similar that I was convinced this was a stolen copy .... UNTIL I downloaded both photos and examined them side-by-side. The shadows are not quite the same, so this is not the picture posted by Cherkasov. Uncannily similar but not identical. I am; however, curious as to why Fu Geng did not include the reg number OR the aircraft type/model OR the location of the shot. If the pic is an original, this info would be known because this photo plainly shows that the aircraft was being presented at some type of air show, and it only takes three seconds to enter those three pieces of info. Curious ....
Is replacing the 4 engined Lockheed P3 Orion.
George Maidens
Chris Robey--Yes
With all that other stuff I mind, visa video original or not. What are the open doors for? Sub huntin? Air to ship ordinance?
Alan Hume
Replacing the P-3C Orions in Australia too, which have given sterling service for many years. In fact, already in service. Great aircraft based on the Boeing 737 without all the woes of the 737 MAX ... fortunately!


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