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MARTIN Mars (07-6819) - scanned from photograph
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MARTIN Mars (07-6819)


scanned from photograph


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Alan Brown
Great photo. The second aircraft (the one in the back) is the prototype MARS, which was an upgrade from the Mariner. They changed the tail once they went into production.
Mark Ryalls
Thank you for the information Alan.
Harry Ellett
Personally, I like the scans. They are photographs of history and some of these old aircraft I have flown in. Keep up the good work with the scans.
G Zorbas
Thanks again Sam, without your scans we would never have an opportunity to see aircraft like these.
Yes, great photo saved. As our WWII brothers and sisters pass I'm afraid tens of thousands of these pics will end up in the landfill. That's a shame, please scan into history.
Loyd Enochs
To my eye, the sheer grandeur of flying boats was unequaled until the 747 and C-5 arrived on the scene.

Thanks, Sam, for scanning and uploading this great photograph!
alan mistrater
Martin, Douglas, Curtiss, McDonald, where-O-where have yee gone ??
PS: Is that a little ole P47 down there?
marylou anderson
Thanks for more reminders of our Vets.
I bet they really like these old pics!
Doug Zalud
I believe that is a "Jug."
Donald Smith
My guess is the little guy is an F*F Bearcat. I saw a couple posts suggesting it was a P-47 but that would seem out of place.
Donald Smith
F8F Bearcat.
I doubt that single engine type was a Grumman F8F Bearcat. More likely some other U.S. Navy type. If that is a "chase plane", such a mundane role would seem more fitting for other U.S. Navy single engine aircraft. Just my opinion.

The prototype Martin Mars first flew in June of 1942. The one in this photo was the first production example, named the "Hawaii Mars" and was delivered in June of 1945.

The first prototype Grumman Bearcat didn't fly until August of 1944. Delivery of the Bearcat by Grumman did not start until May of 1945.

Joe Baugher's published information on U.S. Navy aircraft reveals this about USN BuNo 76189...

"Martin JRM-1 Mars".

"Only the first six were built".

"76819 (MSN 9263) *Hawaii Mars* sank in Chesapeake Bay August 5, 1945 after porpoising during landing".

The "production" Martin Mars aircraft were assigned a sequence of USN BuNo's from 76819 to 76838. However, as Mr. Baugher has noted, only the first six (6) were built!
Chris Partin
Very Nice! Glad That You Scan Photographs! Helps To Remember Aviation History
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о 07-6819 (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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