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Lockheed EC-121 Constellation (N6237G) - N6237G L-1049G at Lancaster 12 September 1968 - ready for the boneyard.
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Lockheed EC-121 Constellation (N6237G)


N6237G L-1049G at Lancaster 12 September 1968 - ready for the boneyard.


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Joe Laureano
Looks like it had remnants of the old Eastern Airline livery..... Farewell to a lovely lady...
Leon Kay
It appears similar to the Lockheed Super Constellation that was involved in a Mid-air collision with a Douglas DC-7 over the Grand Canyon in 1956. It was the first commercial airline crash to result in more than 100 deaths.
David Schneider
Beautiful shot of what must one of the most beautiful aircraft ever.
James Shields
I crewed this aircraft in 1967/68 out of LGA and EWR for Easter Air Lines as Flight Engineer. "L1049 Super G"
Loyd Enochs
Beautiful aircraft - the Constellation is my #1 best-looking propeller aircraft
neilairdPhoto Uploader
N6237G Lockheed L-1049G Constellation (4662) just purchased by California Airmotive ex Eastern, not quite in the boneyard at Fox Field, Lancaster, California - 12 September 1968. Broken up in 1971. Most of the others in the yard were scrapped in 1970 I believe. Eastern called it an L-1049 Super G.
sal derosa
What a beauty and a lady! More tail than any one man could handle!!
Ken Meaans
I took my first flight on the Connie. It was TWA PIT to PHL. I love this plane.
John Shearer
My first seat with Eastern was the right one/co-pilot seat in 1966. N6237G is in my logbook and will never forget what a ride she was! Looked a lot better than she flew - with boost off she was a two pilot airplane. At EAL the G model had an autopilot, but we never used it and the radar came folding up and out of the floor! Ah, the days were full of adventure, just getting her started.
marylou anderson
nice ride.
roland pfeifer
The old Super Connie like president Dwight Eisenhower's plane THE colimbine the first Air Force 1
alan mistrater
Now THIS is a great candidate for a turbine conversion~!
Murray Wynne
Wow, it's great to hear from guys like John Shearer who actually flew the airplane! Much respect!
Hugh Somsen
Thank you Howard Hughes for the beautiful Connie.
Is that a United 440 in the background?
Keystone Ops
Pretty sure the United tail is a Vickers Viscount. Horizontal stab is angled, flat on a Convair products.
neilairdPhoto Uploader
United Viscount indeed, three were present that day, N7413; N7422 and N7434.
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