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Boeing 737-200 (N370BC)



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Dave Sheehy
Excellent catch and shot!
John Rumble
Nice runabout for somebody Your's for a song . If you have to ask you can't afford it. Check out the interior. YOIKS! Looks like the Palace of Sultan To-much-money-no-taste.
Doug Cook
Looks thirsty.
Steve McCarthy
John, interesting listing. Will probably have to go to a third world buyer, as this plane would not be legal in many places due to strict noise regulations.
I'm guessing since this Boeing has JT8-17A engines which should meet stage III requirements like the MD-80 series. Looks like the aircraft is lacking ADSB which could be a deal killer in the United States.
Leander Williams
Man, I must be getting old. I remember riding on the 200... The one I was on was almost as noisy as a 727.
george val
Ex 737-200 Captain, under age 60, if anyone here knows how to get a hold of their flight ops, please post here. Would love to fly this beauty once again Pro bono!!! Live in Los Angeles. 213 250-1818 office.
george val
I am an ex B737-200 Captain still under age 60 and not currently flying. If anyone on this site knows how to contact their flight ops, please post. I would love to fly this beauty again on a Pro bono basis!!
Michael Wulfsohn
Nice air limo for some rich dude.
Nat Sam
John rumble, thanks for the link. You nailed it... The interior, there are no words, except for maybe YOIKS!
Spencer Hoefer
IF the engines aren't the -17A's, it most definitely has hushkits. ADS-B can be installed, as well as modern avionics, but at what cost is the question. Finding parts must be difficult unless a third party company is manufacturing them still.
Dave Sheehy
George Val, quick google search of the company who owns it will provide you with a contact.


I hope you get to fly it :)
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