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Cessna 336 Skymaster (N5VN)
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Cessna 336 Skymaster (N5VN)



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Fabian Dirscherl
nice pic
Paul Wisgerhof
The civilian version was the C-336. This is a military O-2A.
Harry Ellett
The O-2A was used in the Vietnam War. They were, of course, Forward Air Controller aircraft.
Peter Quintanilla
It has one of the best aircraft nicknames: Cessna Mixmaster
James Driskell
Push me, pull you!
wafa rizk
Cool wings
James Wysong
The civilian version of the model shown in the picture would actually be the C-337 (retractable gear version). Some 336s were used as counterinsurgency aircraft in some countries. I know, because my dad and his business partner rebuilt a former Venezuelan air force plane that still had rocket pod mounts and other hard points attached, along with a few bullet holes.
Hugo Dominguez
Nah, best "nickname" for this beast was Skymasher...
James Banas
Thank you. Photos like this always bring memories back of my time flying them in Utah shortly before my retirement in 1990. We used them as safety chase aircraft for small UAV's that were tested out over the Utah Test and Training Range. Ours were really hot as the three we pulled out of the Boneyard in AZ had the heavy radio gear removed and replaced with King RNAV system (before GPS was widespread); the pylons were removed and we had prop spinners on both ends. Eventually we had to give them up and they were "sold" under FMA (Foreign Military Assistance) program to the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. I got to go there from snowy cold Utah in February of the year and spent 12 days there checking out five of their pilots - but that is a story for another time. btw we used another term for push-pull.....suck and blow. Cheers
James Banas
One other, final comment.....There was an Air Force unit in Alaska flying the O-2's and they had a name for it called the Alaskan Mosquito....If you have ever spent summers in Alaska and also heard the sound of an O-2, you'll know what I mean. :-)
What rating(s) are required to fly the C-337 with its inline, twin engines?
James Banas
I believe you still need multi-engine but with of a restriction of "limited to center-line thrust" if the 337 is the only multi-engine bird you fly. No change if you already have a multi-engine rating. Even the T-38 in pilot training resulted in my FAA license having the center-line thrust restriction. After I finished C-130 training, that restriction was removed - yeah, C-130 is kind of a multi-engine bird. :-)
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