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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (N93012)
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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (N93012)



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serge loth
La belle des belles... j'ai volé là dessus...impressionnant.
scott dicken
Flew on this the 909. Dumping gallons of shell oil in b4 flight-so much fun. Look for Collins to come in your city and take a ride for around 300.00 It is a blast. Gr8 pic too.
Lucius Gravely
I believe that if you'll check the records this one was not actually built by Boeing. But, after all, Ford built B-24's and GM built dive bombers (TBM).
Who built 909 ?
This B-17G, 44-83575 was built by Douglas in Long Beach and rolled off the assembly line on April 7, 1945.
Originally assigned to an Air-Rescue squadron in Brazil, in 1952 it was assigned to the Special Weapons Command Center in Kirtland AFB New Mexico. It, and another 5 B-17's were flown to Yucca Flats, part of the Nevada Test Site administered by the Atomic Energy Commission.
The B-17's were brought into the test site to become targets and research instruments to test the effects of an atomic blast. Damaged in these blasts, the aircraft were towed to the edge of Yucca Lake and left to sit and radiate, or cool off until 1964 when they were offered for sale as salvage.
C.W. Reed
Wow!! Never knew "909" was part of the nuclear testing program! Thank you for the info, Jim and to jmorgan for posting. Cheers!!
marylou anderson
great great shot.
Frank Hertler
Great Photo. I flew on Nine o Nine in 2013.
TJ Kozma
I jumped out of this plane in 1998 (or therabouts). It was at the World Freefall Convention, where a large gathering of skydivers jumped out of anything that could take us to altitude. It brought us to 5000', opened the bomb doors, and out we went. Human meat bombs. But as thrilling as the jump was (it was beautiful to watch the plane fly away as I dropped out), the ride to altitude in this beautiful bird was the best part of the jump.
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о N93012 (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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