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Douglas DC-6 (N747CE) - Where else would you see one of these but ANC?
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Douglas DC-6 (N747CE)


Where else would you see one of these but ANC?


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Gavin Hughes
A whole bunch of us just turned green with envy!! Great pic of a classic.
Alan Brown
Great photo! Thank you.
Mike Curtis
Nice to see the “Old girls” still being useful, cannot be that many still flying now.

Nice picture for collectors.
sal derosa
It’s like looking at an old girlfriend!! You remember everything good and bad! But she was always a lady!
Amazing! I saw a bunch of these in Alaska when I was there back in 2004. I remember thinking at the time they wouldn't be around much longer - and here over a decade later, they still are!
Karl Foose
Judging by the nacelles, these must burn a lot of oil...
George Hall
How are these old birds still flying? I heard thru old episodes of Ice Pilots that Buffalo Airways was having a hard time getting Av-Gas. It is becoming a scarcity. And that was 7 years ago. Most of their DC-3's thru DC-6's are now parked on the tarmac in Yellowstone NWT, Canada. They mostly use Electra Turbo props to haul freight using jet fuel. By the way, the owner, Joe Mc Bryan terminated the series years back because he got sick of cameras following him around and telling him what to do. Didn't give a flip about losing the added income from the show.
Plowhorse. USN got 40 years out of theirs.
Ken Mercer
Avgas IS getting increasingly difficult to find in the north, but Buffalo Airways' DC-3s and a couple of DC-6s are still working hard. The series Ice Pilots is gone, but Mikey McBryan has a great YouTube channel well worth checking out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvFNTUDikuXwaoFE45bq4Xg
Beautiful Airplane. I worked on the Military version C118-A in 1966 at Andrews AFB
marylou anderson
Thanks for a great pic of a Classic
sal derosa
Karl Foose, they use 5-10 Gallons per engine during a 3 hour flight. If I remember the oil is 90 weight. I was a USAF maintainer on C-118A aircraft 1974-1976 in Europe.
Robert Ferguson
They are really playing it safe. The Co-Pilot has his orange vest on.
willim spencer
Just seen on big jet tv. Thanks !!!
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