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VICKERS Viscount (G-AZNA) - Low-quality scan,  taken early eighties.
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Low-quality scan, taken early eighties.


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Diana Rose
Excellent film shot.
zimbo1956Photo Uploader
Thank You.
Chris Croft
What a classic shot. Should be used for an aircraft calendar
serge LOTH
Good memories for me , I worked with these in years sixties, this model must be a 708...It was a very good airplane.
ken kemper
Awesome Vintage Photo Zimbo
Michael Arthur
I flew this aircraft for British Midland Airways from '74 to '79. It is a model 814. Memory is a little fuzzy now, but I think that it was one of a pair (G-AZNA and G-AZNB) that were acquired from Nigeria. It was configured with 69 seats in a single class.
Great photograph. Thanks for the memory.
zimbo1956Photo Uploader
Thanks all, for the comments.
Mercy, I remember these landing at National Airport in Washington, DC when I was a kid!!
Dan Drimmie
Flew on the Viscounts and Vanguards of Air Canada in 1970...northern Quebec to Sudbury and Toronto. A wee bit noisy, but dependable. :-)
David Malsher
Very well-proportioned plane, with a nice engine note from the RR Darts, a nice livery, and a great shot, Zimbo. I echo the guy who says it should be used in a calendar of vintage airliners.
Thomas Shenstone
I remember TCA/AC had a fleet of them.
Continental Airlines flew these plane in the early '60's when I was growing up. My father was a mechanic for Continental at the time. We rode on them quite a lot. A few years ago I found one at the Pima Air Museum in Tucson, Az. I didn't realize just how small these planes are. Great picture brings back pleasant memories. Thanks!
Michael McGuire
Rode one from Abilene, TX to Albuquerque, NM in 1965. Beautiful sound, smooth ride. Continental Airlines, I think.
Ned Griffin
United used to fly these into the Rochester, NY airport in the 60s. Unmistakable sound.
Great memories - flew one operated by United out of Muskegon, MI back in 1964.
Yet another series of great comments from experiences back in the day.
Thank you all for sharing your memories.
It makes the excellent scan of this Viscount come alive like we were all there to see it.
Moreover, the shape of the windscreens is one of the most unusual I've seen.
zimbo1956Photo Uploader
Robert, and all, Thanks for the kind words.
My memory of the Viscount was the windows position, inn that you didn't have to strain you head to look out from the seat!! Perfectly placed.
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