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Grumman Goose (C-GYVG)


Dress up for TV shoot


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Lewis Tripp
Use for target practice.
I thought that all Nazi emglems or designs are forbidden from being displayed except in historial motion pictures.
Timothy McDonnell
That only applies in very select nations (such as Germany) no such rules exists in the US or Canada and, it is being used for motion pictures anyway.
Greg Byington
Nice shot!
King F HuiPhoto Uploader
Filming the TV series "Man in The High Castle" in Vancouver. It is a revisionist history. show on Amazon, about what would happen if the Nazi's won the war.
Phil Hall
There is only one Nazi emblem, (Swastika)and even in Germany these days few would be interested.
alan mistrater
I'm thinking he's "coming in". Props look slow, and a little flaps?
That's a really cool photo!
John Diehl
chalet - this is America - anybody can put up anything, burn the flag and all....where do you live?
jim wasson
I started my career maintaining a fleet of 18 Gooses in the Virgin Islands in 1972. I learned how to work on radial engines and dope fabric at Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics.
Hugh Somsen
I recall growing up when twice a day, one of these (with friendlier markings) would fly from LGB to Avalon Harbor and return. Then one day, while taking lessons at LGB, and on final, my instructor said he'd take the controls (there was one coming right down my tail feathers)
Mark Lansdell
@alan mistrater:

I'm inclined to agree with you. There's no water streaming off the fuselage.
Eric Manor
Nazi Goose? Should drop dead (in the water)!
John Van dyke
My dream airplane. (Minus the swastika.)
Tom Williams
What is up with the Swastica. I am not PC, but that is just plain stupid!
@ John Diehl I currently live in Timbuktoo but moving shortly to Oagadougu (LIMAO)
Hello King, great shot. Taken from the dyke on south side of the middle arm, by the looks of it.

I was the aerial coordinator for the filming of EP201 of The Man in the High Castle.

The owner/pilot would love a high-res copy of this image. Would you be willing to make one available?

Thank you.
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