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Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star (02-1306)
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Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star (02-1306)



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Greg Byington
Nice catch, Bill!
Harry Kort
Hope it made it back out of the graveyard
Peter Dundee
Great shot, where was it taken?. I saw one, just like it, flying at Fort Collins/Loveland airshow last month.
Robin Rebhan
Great shot. One of my favorite fighters to watch when I was a kid. They sometimes would fly into KSCH on weekends.
Originally RCAF, I believe. Has the one-piece windscreen.
Great shot! I also remember them from near KSCH - one 'buzzed' our High School around 1950!
Thomas Clark
My first jet ride at Perrin AFB TX. I was C/C on F86D. A friendly Test Pilot offerred me a ride in a T-33 test hop for slow tips. It was the thrill of a lifetime!!!
Peter Dundee, I believe the picture was taken at Davis-Monthan AFB during the airshow. First plane I worked on in the Air Force back in 77 at Tyndall AFB Fla. Easy to work!
Richard Fresson
I remember landing one at Rivers when we had a fuel low warning light while at AFS at RCAF Macdonald
Great picture - brings back memories. As a 20 year-old college ROTC student in the mid 1960's, my first ride in a jet aircraft was a T-33.

I had a private ticket and both the Navy and the Air Force were recruiting me. The Navy gave me a ride in a T-34. It was a hot day and the guy in front tried to make me airsick with a display of loops and rolls. He failed, but I wasn't impressed. I only got to fly it for few minutes.

The Air Force sent a T-33 and the guy in front gave me a good briefing, made the takeoff and cleared the local area; then gave it to me for about 30 minutes.

I spent a few years flying C-141s and a tour in Vietnam flying the O-2, but I never forgot the good old T-33.
Rick Less
My father flew front seat in this very air frame (21306) June and July 1955 in Gimli, Manitoba before going on to log over 1500 hours in the T-bird.
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