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David Apps
Is this what China copied?
serge LOTH
Drakken??? in Jersey??
This is not Drakken, this is Viggen , from Swedish Air Force Historic Flight , a usual visitor to Jersey Airshow.
Henk Stok
Saab AJ 37 Viggen.
Peter Sayers
Great shot
Stephen Walford
I wish Sweden still had this aircraft in active service, it`s the best Saab has ever produced in my opinion, fantastic aircraft ! A great shot too !
Stephen Walford
PS, Both the Saab J35 Draken and JA or AJ 37 Viggen, are my favorite Swedish AF`s aircraft .
It`s great that the Historic Flight keeps them in the air for us to enjoy !
Dan Chiasson
quite amazing that such a small country when compared to other military aircraft manufacturing nations, is still in the game. How much longer is in question though. Same applies to auto industry with Volvo.
Robert Cooperman
Wonderful photo, terrific resolution, perfect focus, and a great airplane.
Quite amazing that a small country as Sweden can put out such exquisite fighter aircraft.
It is a testament that the Swedes are quite exceptional people; but, for their lax immigration policies.
Peter WestPhoto Uploader
Hey Robert, thanks for the great words on the image - yes this is from the Jersey Airshow which is a great event usually closing with the fantastic Red Arrows who never fail to impress after all these years. Glad everyone agrees this is a great aircraft from an innovative company, Saab. Stay safe
Mike Curtis
First class photograph, the underside detail is fascinating, The aircraft was well in advance of it’s competition when in service.
Mjh curtis.
Ulf Sandberg
As working in the home of Saab Aircraft (Linkoping, Sweden) I often heard and saw those wonders over my head in the 70's and until about the new millenium. This was during the Cold War when Sweden had one the most advanced air force in the World, second only to USA, UK and USSR (maybe Isreal too?) which was our shield against the Soviet threat, when Sweden decided to end its nuclear weapons program. One day at home 50 km South of Linkoping, I watched something that looked like training an air fight between several Viggen airplanes; very exciting. Still we have one of the world's most advanced fighter planes, the Saab JAS 39E Gripen. So far, more than 271 Saab Gripen have been built.
nicely done
Peter WestPhoto Uploader
Thanks Fu!


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