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  59 голос(-а/-ов) (4.50 Среднее) и 4,919 просмотр(-а/-ов)  

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ted emery
Any details please?
Frederik deCockBuning
looks like a bomber ???
Leon Kay
My guess is a Boeing B-52.
Luc Barbier
Boeing B-52 Stratofortress with its height turbojet engines.
See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_B-52_Stratofortress for all details !
Bob Plested
From the tail flashing, this appears to be a B-52H assigned to the 917th Bomb Wing, an Air Force Reserve unit at Barksdale AFB near Shreveport, Louisiana. The reversed shadow effect on the BD indicates this is the Wing's flagship.
marylou anderson
A singularly , & instantly recognizable aircraft.
Nice pic!
Neil Klapthor
My old office! Though mine was a G model with the 62 Bomb Sq at Barksdale '73-'80. We were actually a double wing... two Bomb Squadrons (the other was the 596th) and two tanker (KC-135) squadrons making up the 2nd Bomb Wing (8th Air Force).
Lot of memories, and 3000 hours, in the BUFF...it was a beast!
Nice picture, thanks.
Reminds me of those touch and goes at SAC Rome, NY already 36 years ago. The children and I parked the car just under the flight line and got blasted on decent. We waved at the pilot and enjoyed the air show. After 3 go arounds we had ringing ears and big smiles...we evacuated before our eardrums broke...
Likely departing Barksdale 33. You can find a lot of B-52H (and some older others) with this exact pose. It is the result of taking the LA782-2 exit off I-20 in Shreveport with a decent camera and some patience.


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