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Boeing 737-200 (N374DL) - I have tried to correct the type of aircraft but something wont let me!
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Boeing 737-200 (N374DL)


I have tried to correct the type of aircraft but something won't let me!


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Vastly superior to DELTA's current scheme. Cheatlines forever!
Larry Toler
What year was this? Delta was still flying the 732 to KRIC while I was in initial FA training for Trans States in 2003. It was awesome watching it taxi and take off. It put our J41's and ERJ's to shame.
黄 明天
I really love 737 classics, especially the 732 with its cute JT8D.
Phillip BranchPhoto Uploader
Larry, this was taken sometime in the early '90's. I can't remember the exact year.
Don Parker
Pretty sure that is a -200 not -700. I remember being on a flight many, many years ago, Frontier Airlines -200 from ATL to SLC. Oil was "leaking" out of starboard engine, coming out between skin splices on the nacelle of the JT8D. Flight crew came back to look at it and didn't seem concerned. I told myself I would not worry about it unless it stopped! I still think there was more to that story. Pretty sure oil overflow does not come out between nacelle panels. There was no tube there, just rivets.
Peter Zamoyski
This is NOT a B-737-700. It is a B-737-200 Advanced series
Loran Fairfield
Great picture of a 737-247, NOT a -700!
Phillip BranchPhoto Uploader
I know it's a 737-200 and not a -700. It came up with that info when I entered the registration number. Don't know how to correct it.
Jim T
Actually I think this is a 747-400 which was produced in the early 90's and Delta used the classic livery until 1997 when they went to "Redtail" and then "Motion" for Y2K. Finally launched "Change Onward & Up" in late 2006-07 which has been slowly adopted as a large segment still have Motion.
You're right. Its a 747-400.
Phillip BranchPhoto Uploader
OK, people! I finally figured out how to correctly list the aircraft.
in 2005 I flew an aircraft like this from ATL to YUL :)
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о N374DL (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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