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Alaska   Alabama   Arkansas   American Somoa   Arizona   California   Colorado   Mariana Islands   Connecticut   District of Columbia   Delaware   Florida   Georgia   Guam   Hawaii   Iowa   Idaho   Illinois   Indiana   Kansas   Kentucky   Louisiana   Massachusetts   Maryland   Maine   Michigan   Minnesota   Missouri   Midway Atoll   Mississippi   Montana   North Carolina   North Dakota   Nebraska   New Hampshire   New Jersey   New Mexico   Nevada   New York   Ohio   Oklahoma   Oregon   Pennsylvania   Puerto Rico   Rhode Island   South Carolina   South Dakota   Tennessee   Texas   Utah   Virginia   Virgin Island   Vermont   Washington   Wisconsin   West Virginia   Wyoming  

Size determined by number of airports in state or territory.

IFR Route Search

Pilots can use FlightAware's route analysis to display recently used IFR routes for a particular origin/destination airport pair for planning what route to file on an IFR flight plan.


Weather Maps

FlightAware offers current, updated aviation weather maps, charts, and forecasts.


FlightAware's e>metar service offers live, on-demand, e-mail based METAR and TAFs for mobile devices or e-mail clients.


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