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Written on 18.07.2019 by ALAN GRIFFITHS

This isnt a 757, or an American Airlines jet

Written on 18.07.2019 by Dee Schofield

These aircraft entered service in New Zealand in 1958 the 807 model was very well placed for NZ and very nice to fly in

Written on 18.07.2019 by Edward Hopgood

I know :-)

Written on 18.07.2019 by Oliver Holzbauer

Outstanding catch Mark, well done sir!

Written on 18.07.2019 by John David

What a joy!

Written on 18.07.2019 by James Driskell

Awesome, great pic.

Written on 18.07.2019 by L Denholm

Thanx for the luv guys

Written on 18.07.2019 by Angel Vee

Awesome photo! Great job!

Written on 18.07.2019 by Tom Heaverlo

A WOW shot!

Written on 18.07.2019 by Dick Nieuwendyk

Thanks everyone making flights comfortable

Written on 18.07.2019 by Ajaib Purewal

Thanks everyone making flights comfortable.

Written on 18.07.2019 by Ajaib Purewal

Adorable photo ! our dogs and cats always flew with us. The dogs (Labs) loved flying ! Cats not so much but they tolerated the trips so the could be with their people.

Written on 18.07.2019 by Cheri Gleason

All 15 of them............big plane!

Written on 18.07.2019 by warmwynds

Great photo. Good opportunity to see the visual effect of fog.

Written on 18.07.2019 by Patricio Bravo

Not a Piper Saratoga. According to FAA, this is an Aero Bristell Light Sport Aircraft. The tail even says "Bristell"

Written on 18.07.2019 by Matt Wingfield

5* Mark.

Written on 17.07.2019 by Dave Sheehy

7/3/2019 CSJ

Written on 17.07.2019 by Chris Joas

Thank you Mike!!

Written on 17.07.2019 by rwb2112

Nice shots!

Written on 17.07.2019 by rwb2112

We (Our Company) used to lease the "Lake Hangar" at Hooks (DWH) back in the early 80's and were still using the space when a tornado basically rendered the hangar un-usable. That was the original hangar where the lakes were first built...

Written on 17.07.2019 by William Owens

My Favorite airframe...

Written on 17.07.2019 by William Owens

Better get some paint on her before she turns to powder...

Written on 17.07.2019 by William Owens

Visit of President Tsai Ing-Wen of Taiwan ROC to St Lucia and our very first Airbus A359 to touch down @ TLPL

Written on 17.07.2019 by Angel Vee

Love the paint, sharp ride.

Written on 17.07.2019 by roll400ex

Thanks for the link!

Written on 17.07.2019 by Steel61

good read on this ship @ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memphis_Belle_(aircraft)

Written on 17.07.2019 by a mentor

that's the Memphis Belle; DFA and serial number are correct

Written on 17.07.2019 by a mentor


Written on 17.07.2019 by Mark B Imagery

The location of this photo is from the Rooftop of the International Carpark at Sydney International Airport. The aircraft arriving in this photograph is from the North arriving onto Runway 16R.

Written on 17.07.2019 by Mark B Imagery

Look here for addition photos https://tristateflight.com/search/?keywords=n1327a

Written on 17.07.2019 by Preston Ferguson

And it costs $140,000 an hour to operate? Wow!

Written on 17.07.2019 by Robert Cowling

Very Nice!

Written on 17.07.2019 by iw2nbw

Note the Go-pro camera on the left wing tip.

Written on 17.07.2019 by Paul Wisgerhof

This is an experimental/amateur built. Don't know if it is designed by the builder or built from plans.

Written on 17.07.2019 by Paul Wisgerhof

Shot this from the roof of the JW Marriott Dubai

Written on 17.07.2019 by Northwest Photography

More history on this Lockheed C-130E, USAF s/n 62-1842, from Joe Baugher's files...

"1842 (MSN 382-3805) 6/63: TOS USAF and assigned to the 516th Troop Carrier Wing, 839th Air Division, Dyess AFB, TX. Unknown date: 464th Tactical Airlift Wing, Pope AFB, NC. By 1976: 115th Tactical Airlift Squadron, 146th TAW, Channel Islands ANG Station, Oxnard, CA. 1976: Flew in the movie Raid on Entebbe as an Israeli Air Force aircraft, retaining ANG paint scheme with Israel AF logo. By 1992:109th TAS,133rd Operations Group, Minneapolis-St. Paul Air Reserve Station, MN. 9/94: 171st Airlift Squadron, 127th Airlift Wing, Selfridge ANG Base, MI. 6/07: 154th Training Squadron, Arkansas ANG, Little Rock AFB, AR. 6/25/10: 198th Airlift Squadron, 156th Airlift Wing, Puerto Rico ANG, MuAAiz ANG Base, Carolina, PR. Arrived at AMARC as 2814 Sep 11, 2013."

Written on 17.07.2019 by cliff731

Is that an AOA sensor below the window?

Written on 17.07.2019 by Michael Gower

Looks like it is iced up and needs to thaw out.

Written on 17.07.2019 by Michael Gower

I apologize for the lack of info on recent uploads, I seem to have uploaded an entire set of pics from a recent spotting adventure here at YYZ, some truly exotic birds here lately! I'll fill in those info boxes as quick as I can!

Written on 16.07.2019 by Mark Thomas

Nice capture rwb!

Written on 16.07.2019 by mike prendergast

You might enjoy the book CANDY BOMBER: The Story of the Berlin Airlift's Chocolate Pilot
By Michael O. Tunnell

Written on 16.07.2019 by Marty Nemes

I was 17 years old on the day I flew to NYC from Buffalo in order to do some aviation photography. I had two Kodak cameras that day: the Bullseye and a Brownie. I also had a Bell & Howell 8mm movie camera (silent). All three cameras were hanging from my neck so by the time my one-day trip from Buffalo to New York City and then back to Buffalo was finished, I had a very sore neck. lol Flew out of Buffalo on Mohawk to Newark early one morning, did photos and movies at Newark until noon; then took a bus from Newark to Manhattan and another from Manhattan to Kennedy, did photos and movies at Kennedy all afternoon, and then flew out of Kennedy on Mohawk back to Buffalo in the evening. It was a very busy day, but it was waaaay worth it. Then the very next day, I flew from Buffalo to Boston, spent the day at Logan, and flew back to Buffalo that evening. And the total round trip air fare for BOTH days of flights was ..... $25.00. TOTAL! For two days of roundtrip flights. Man, do I miss THOSE days!

Written on 16.07.2019 by Gary Schenauer

Good catch and timing. 5 stars

Written on 16.07.2019 by Chris Collinsworth

Is that Comic Sans for a font on the plane?

Written on 16.07.2019 by stacey gordon


This rotorcraft was on the news today showing them lifting/installing a 10,000-pound television tower/antenna. Cool!

Written on 16.07.2019 by warmwynds

I am not defending the legitimacy of this photo but google images KC135 tankers have similar illusions like the engine spacing and loss of wing. If I was a photo editing those accompanying fighter jets I would not have made them so perfectly aligned. The recent overwhelming amount of military photos is out of control on this site.

Written on 16.07.2019 by warmwynds

I see a lot of negative comments from people who obviously were not there (otherwise you would have seen this for yourself and could have taken an identical image). I'm doubtful if one or two of you are even photographers. This was at the recent Fort Wayne airshow. The A-10s are from the 122 FW based at FWA (Battle Creek hasn't had A-10s for MANY years; they're an RPV base now, as I understand) and the KC-135 from Grissom Air Reserve Base. There's no Photoshop action here other than minor adjustments. Regarding the KC-135s wings, keep in mind that Boeing wings flex upward SUBSTANTIALLY in flight. Thus, the perspective on the two wings is quite different. From one side of the airplane, the near wing, being viewed from much nearer to a perpendicular angle, will naturally look a lot longer than the far wing. Also, since the engines hang BELOW the wing, that perspective will make the far wing outboard of the engines look much shorter. The far engines will also appear closer together for the same reason. And, naturally, the reflections on all of the A-10s will be similar...they're all at the same angle to the sun! I also think that shooting upward into an overhead sun counts as shooting into the sun!

Written on 16.07.2019 by rdosh


Written on 16.07.2019 by Preston Ferguson

Thanks, my friend!

Written on 16.07.2019 by manuel silva

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