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thank you Greg!!

Written on 17.02.2018 by Uwe Zinke

Whats is wrong, Fabian? It is yet another crisp, classic photo !! Stunning, with a touch of sarcasm.

Written on 17.02.2018 by Viv Pike

That line of five USAF T-38 Talons showing a "CB" tailcode are from Columbus AFB near Columbus, MS.

Written on 17.02.2018 by cliff731

garritt - I'm sure Ron Harper, the photo uploader, will be along soon... but I doubt this truly great image was snapped in Florida. More likely it's in Louisiana... and in the area of some very rich and fertile crop growing lands that stretch across the I-10 corridor from the western boundary of the Atchafalaya Basin near Lafayette and on towards Lake Charles.

Written on 17.02.2018 by cliff731

fantastic pic!!

Written on 16.02.2018 by Uwe Zinke

Beauty at it's best. Corsairs are the best in the world. Pappy Boyington.

Written on 16.02.2018 by markbjorndal

Beautiful. Simply stunning. I've worked the flight deck on the Midway and Indy and have not seen anything more cool than this. Kudos x 1000.

Written on 16.02.2018 by markbjorndal

florida ?

Written on 16.02.2018 by garritt

GREAT shot....thank you....made my day ( night)

Written on 16.02.2018 by garritt

Love flying in them. Too bad they don’t still make them🙁

Written on 16.02.2018 by Ralph Davis

Thank you rwb3112.

Written on 16.02.2018 by Philip Terpstra

Thanks a lot.

Written on 16.02.2018 by kotagonzaresu

Cool Face job!!

Written on 16.02.2018 by Butch Hollingsworth

Great shot!

Written on 16.02.2018 by chinaninearea51

Just now catching up on your most recent posts, and (as always) they are all 5 * pics. (And special kudos for the CAP shots. ... outstanding).

Written on 16.02.2018 by Gary Schenauer

Now, if that aircraft can be recovered and rebuilt, anything is possible. Great story.

Written on 16.02.2018 by chinaninearea51

A superb ***** click of this awesome B-25.

Written on 16.02.2018 by Gary Schenauer

My first take was “fake” also but after looking closely I agree it is real and well done!!! Nice shot! Unfortunately, in this day and age you have to be careful because it’s very tempting to get into PS let your “artistic” side take over; change the scene a little bit, over saturate, crop and you have a “winner”. But most of us know aviation better than we know photo editing (including me) so my “photo rules” are:
Try to get it right in the camera
Photoshop as little as possible
Be honest, tell people up front that you made some artistic changes (not the case here).
This way people can enjoy your work for what it is without finger pointing and we can go back to enjoying aviation and photography.

Written on 16.02.2018 by markstar426

das stimmt!

Written on 16.02.2018 by Fabian Dirscherl

Also VERY nice!

Written on 16.02.2018 by Greg Byington

VERY nice, Uwe!

Written on 16.02.2018 by Greg Byington


Written on 16.02.2018 by Greg Byington

The F4U otherwise known as “Ensign Eater” as it was a demanding aircraft to learn/fly.

Written on 16.02.2018 by andrewwx

Sweet pic Daniel! Two thumbs up!! I can't believe the people here who are saying it's fake! Obviously they don't know you and your talent like I do. :)

Written on 16.02.2018 by Lynette Filipov

I've seen this performance many times and this is a superb pilot. As far as being risky, yes aerobatic stunt flying is inherently risky, but a skilled pilot reduces that risk. As far as airshow attendees being at risk, that is not the case for this performance, which is well clear of any spectators.

Written on 16.02.2018 by Rickh52

Fantastic shot Ed, are those all lug nuts on those wheels?!?

Written on 16.02.2018 by Mark Thomas
Of course this is real! It was all over the aviation news sites and heralded the return of the 747 to Princess Juliana! You could have watched the whole spectacle on the Maho Beach Web Cam where you would have seen it land, backtrack down the runway and take off later in the day. I've included a link here to the PTZtv twitter page where they have posted the Flightradar24 map showing this aircraft on its way to St. Maarten. (at least I think I have, I'm not that computer savvy!)
Anyway, for those that may not know, Maho Beach has a webcam as does Miami Airport. I sit and watch for hours! There's ATC too.
Great shots Daniel!!

Written on 16.02.2018 by Mark Thomas

Well stated, Gary...!!! And I know you speak from a valued perspective as one of our most experienced and best aircraft photographers contributing spotting images to Flight Aware.

Written on 16.02.2018 by cliff731

The Collings Foundation also has a B-17 on it's an annual “Wings of Freedom” tour around the USA.
If you are near one of the stops, it’s a great show to see. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that they have one of only two B-24 Liberators still flying today. There were over16,000 produced for the war effort. And they are certified for passenger carry. So if you want give yourself or someone special a real treat and an opportunity to see a remarkable piece of history. Go to one of these tour stops and at least take the walk through tour of the warbirds. And maybe even take a 30 minute ride.

Written on 16.02.2018 by David Solarsick

Hi, Alvis. I just happened to be looking over recent photos posted into the gallery and I came upon this discussion over this pic. I cannot claim to know that much about PS, so I am willing to accept that you probably know lots more than I do about it. But, as the others have stated, you and Hans are incorrect about this photo being a fake. Look just behind the port side inboard. The heat distortion from that engine is very apparent. I just cannot believe that Daniel actually went to the tremendous effort it would have taken to "paste" in that heat distortion. Also, he posted this photo ... and two more ... of this aircraft when it visited Princess Juliana. He certainly would not have posted three fakes ... it would have taken him a bunch of time to create three fakes of it ... and for what purpose? Also, there is even a guy on the second story roof of the hotel (in the distance) who is watching it come past. As for the blue on the leading edge of the tail, Mr. Mark Thomas posted a photo of this same aircraft just a short time ago ... and there is a dark strip going up the leading edge that is most likely what you are seeing as a disparity here. And lastly, Mr. Jef has been posting snaps from TNCM for over two years. He has posted others taken from this same position. Alvis, in this instance; I, too, feel you are mistaken; this is, as the others have said, a real photo.

Written on 16.02.2018 by Gary Schenauer

After reading this whole thread, I humbly feel a few awards should be given out;

1st Place goes to) The Pilot and his tremendous demonstration of skill to both fly the airplane like some could only hope to in their restless-leg syndrome dreams,

2nd Place Award goes to) The photographer William Gibson for capturing this moment. Thank you! Right place, right time, Sir!

3rd Place) goes to the rest of this crew for their incredible patience for having to put up with such incipient remarks made by the 'Holier-than-thou-keyboard Warrior who is probably,right now, at this moment, outside on his front porch yelling at the neighbor kid going by on his big-wheel, pissed off because he has to listen to his joys of laughter.. for the SEVENTEENTH time today!

And 4th Place, normally we don't give these out here... the 'Mud In Yer Eye Award' goes to...

Wait for it...

Written on 16.02.2018 by CDBrozovich

Isaac Vogelzang - your comments posted while I was composing mine... and I will certainly agree with your keen observations!!!

Written on 16.02.2018 by cliff731

Alvis Plavins - You are certainly entitled to your own opinion and the right to express it... but I, for one, will disagree with you and add the following observations regarding your critical remarks...

That "blue" on top toward the tail is nothing more than the roofs of background structures.

This aircraft is not on final approach over any automobiles. Those vehicles are stopped and what you are seeing is no doubt the compression effect of this image being captured with a long range telephoto lens.

Many of the people on the beach do appear to be looking upward towards this aircraft, which is evident if you copy this photo to your desktop and zoom in.

Looks genuine to me... and not created in Photoshop!

Added to all that, this specific aircraft did land at TNCM just a few days ago... see my earlier posted comment.

Written on 16.02.2018 by cliff731

Boah, wie schön îst dass denn? Endlich wieder mal etwas Farbe auf einem Flieger!

Written on 16.02.2018 by Daniel Rytz

Reminds me of Fred Derry (played by Dana Andrews), in one of my all-time favorite movies, "The Best Years Of Our Lives."

Written on 16.02.2018 by Linda Nitzschke

It is always a treat to catch one of the CAG colorbirds when they are visiting NAS Fallon.

Written on 16.02.2018 by Gary Schenauer

No Alvis, this photo is completely real. The "blue mountains" on the fuselage are actually the top of the hotel in the background, the cars are actually far to the left of the vehicle waiting to cross, the shadows are 100 % realistic, and the people looking to the ocean are actually facing upwards towards the plane. As for the aircraft filling the frame, I have been to TNCM before and I know that the 744 is perfectly positioned. Very nice photo with good colors, Daniel.

Written on 16.02.2018 by Isaac Vogelzang

Freddie goes to HOLLYWOOD!

Written on 16.02.2018 by jean louis Delezenne

Fascinating photo... I guess the license plate could be an easy ident...and maybe that's just coincidence, too. Thanks for posting.

Written on 16.02.2018 by Steven Macom

This may sound like a stupid question, but I'm not a pilot just an airplane enthusiast. Can someone tell me why the Dash-8 tail seems so tall compared to other planes? There are lots of them flying in & out (Horizon Air) of KGEG.

Written on 16.02.2018 by Vaughn Blue Jr

Its a FAKE photo people. As not only a photographer, photo editor and someone who uses photoshop, this is a composite with a bad cut job. Let alone forget giving the guy photo props, don't even give him editing props. Here are some give aways to it being fake:
1. The plane is too small to be landing at that site from where the image is taken from.The plane should not only be filling the image more as the landing strip is closer to where the photographer is and therefore the plane should be closer also to the photographer, which leads to number 2
2: The plane looks like it is landing over the cars. They stop the vehicles for safety purposes and looking here the plane is flying over the cars. Sure you could say that its perspective, but I go back to the above reason, if the plane is in front of the cars then the plane should be bigger and fill more of the image frame.
3:Look at the people, to me it looks like they are waiting for a plane approaching on that vector. A 747 is flying literally overhead and almost everyone is looking outward to the ocean.
4: Bad editing - they forgot to clean up the background on top towards the tail. What is that blue? Its not a building and it is not any hill as there are no hills on that side, especially blue hills. And that same blue running up that tail indicates editing as the skies don't match from the image to the cut out.
Don't be fooled people, this is a complete fake.

Written on 16.02.2018 by Alvis Plavins


Written on 16.02.2018 by JAMES JONES

das ist Leipzig "EDDP" nun korrigiert... vertippelt :-)

Written on 16.02.2018 by sven vollert

She is in winter maintenance now.
Working hard to get ready for this years mission s

Going to Summer Fun

Written on 16.02.2018 by Dennis Kwiecien

I worked and flew on Texas Raiders a few years ago. I got too old to do that anymore. These folks are always looking for volunteers. The bird is hangared at the municipal airport near Conroe, TX.

Written on 16.02.2018 by FlightEngineerBob

You must be kidding

Written on 16.02.2018 by Fabian Dirscherl

It really is a shame that people like Michael McMurtrey and Chalet are able to express their terrible opinions on the internet.

Written on 16.02.2018 by Rich Boddy

Whether you want to see N25Y when Lefty Gardner flew White Lightnin' or watch N25Y fly over the Danube River in Budapest, please see my PlayList for the best of the P-38 videos. Enjoy:

Written on 16.02.2018 by EDMARTINTX

Embraer does. One of their test aircraft.

Written on 16.02.2018 by Ganz

I likely flew on this very aircraft when I lived in Cyprus in the early 80s. I remember a lot of the interior bits were falling apart.

Written on 16.02.2018 by James Howard

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