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Travel Caught on camera: Terrifying moment KLM plane banked sharply just a few feet over runway as pilots struggled to land in high winds

This is the hair-raising moment a KLM passenger jet banked sharply moments before it landed in the middle of a violent storm in Amsterdam. (www.dailymail.co.uk) Ещё...

Two men found dead inside plane that crashed in Kenosha County, en route to EAA in Oshkosh

BRISTOL — Kenosha County Sheriff’s officials say two men were killed when a Zenith CH601XL airplane (N9601), last known to be en route to EAA in Oshkosh crashed in Kenosha County. (fox6now.com) Ещё...

Delta Upgrade to DPJ

Delta offers upgrade to Delta Private Jets flights. (finance.yahoo.com) Ещё...

Photo Flight With Sean Tucker - while 7 months pregnant!

Behind the scenes on an air-to-air photo flight with Sean Tucker and Randy Howell over Big Sur, California. (www.youtube.com) Ещё...

Delta to Take Ownership Stake in China Eastern, Expand Partnership

Delta Air Lines announced an expansion of its partnership with China Eastern Airlines that includes taking an ownership stake in the airline. The partnership calls for the two airlines to “better connect” the two airlines’ route networks as well as for Delta to invest $450 million to acquire a 3.55% stake in China Eastern.... (www.frequentbusinesstraveler.com) Ещё...

Kuala Lumpur’s $1 Billion Terminal Is Sinking, Airline Says

Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s new budget passenger terminal is sinking, with cracks appearing in the taxiway and water forming pools that planes must taxi throurgh (www.bloomberg.com) Ещё...

Flight Attendants at Southwest Reject Tenative Agreement

Southwest Airlines’ flight attendants rejected a tentative agreement that had been negotiated between the airline and union. The Transport Workers Union Local 556 said that 87% of those who cast ballots rejected the deal and that 89% of eligible members voted.... (www.frequentbusinesstraveler.com) Ещё...

F 15 ride to the sky

A day in the life of an F15 pilot starting from the hangar. Two cockpit cameras, air refueling, high G maneuvers and more. A really candy eye movie. 8 minutes to enjoy. (www.tronya.co) Ещё...

DOT: 5 Airlines Investigated for ‘Price Gouging’ After May Amtrak Crash in Philly

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced an investigation into possible price gouging by five airlines. The agency is concerned that five airlines may have raised airfares in the Northeast following a deadly Amtrak crash in Philadelphia in May that disrupted rail service in the region..... (www.frequentbusinesstraveler.com) Ещё...


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