Do you want to link your Raspberry Pi with dump1090 to FlightAware?

If you are running an ADS-B receiver with dump1090 on a Raspberry Pi then you can install the PiAware package to transmit your ADS-B receiver data to FlightAware.

PiAware users can simultaneously use data from their Raspberry Pi running dump1090 and also send flight data to FlightAware via PiAware. Users that share data with FlightAware automatically qualify for a free upgrade to an Enterprise Account.

What is PiAware?

PiAware is a FlightAware client program that runs on a Raspberry Pi to securely transmit dump1090 ADS-B and Mode S data to FlightAware. PiAware is for people who are already running their own Raspberry Pi with an ADS-B receiver and dump1090.

It's fast and easy to get started.

Using the simple steps below, you can configure your Raspberry Pi to feed FlightAware. The process should take two to three minutes.

Already running PiAware?

View the PiAware upgrade page to update to the latest version.

1What's needed

You should already have a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian installed and some basic familiarity with using it.

If you are new to using a Pi or need to build a receiver from scratch please see these instructions instead!

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Raspbian Jessie or Jessie Lite OS installed
  • Internet Connection
  • Access to a command line shell on the Pi, either over the network or using an attached keyboard and display

2Download and Install PiAware

When logged in, from the command line, execute the following commands.

This will download and install the PiAware repository package, which tells your Pi's package manager (apt) how to find FlightAware's software packages in addition to the packages provided by Raspbian.

sudo dpkg -i piaware-repository_3.5.1_all.deb

This will download and install PiAware and required dependencies on your Raspberry Pi.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install piaware

This will enable automatic and manual (web-based, via your request) PiAware software updates. These updates are disabled by default. To leave updates disabled, skip this step.

sudo piaware-config allow-auto-updates yes
sudo piaware-config allow-manual-updates yes

3Download and Install dump1090

If you don't already have ADS-B receiver software such as dump1090 installed, then you can install FlightAware's version of dump1090 by executing the following command.

sudo apt-get install dump1090-fa

4Reboot your Pi

Once you have finished installing and configuring the packages, reboot your Raspberry Pi to ensure that everything starts correctly.

sudo reboot

5Получите свой пакет программ PiAware на сайте

На запуск PiAware уйдет около 5 минут, после этого вы можете синхронизировать ваше PiAware-устройство и вашу учетную запись FlightAware, чтобы воспользоваться дополнительными преимуществами при работе с сайтом.

После того как устройство начало работать, пожалуйста:

Look up the IP address in your router admin and go to the assigned IP address in a browser on the same network. If the device hasn't been claimed a link to claim the PiAware device will display.


Получите свой пакет программ PiAware на сайте

If after 5 minutes your device hasn't displayed as claimed try restarting the device, if that still doesn't work re-confirm the Wi-Fi settings (if using Wi-Fi) are correct. Lastly contact us at Check your stats page (link below) to confirm it was claimed.

FlightAware PiAware: Claim PiAware via Status

6Смотрите свою статистику ADS-B

  1. Посмотреть вашу ADS-B статистику можно здесь:
    • FlightAware обработает ваши данные и уже через 30 минут они появятся на сайте.
  2. Configure your location and antenna height on your statistics page by clicking on the gear icon located to the right of the Site name.
    • Multilateration, also known as MLAT, functions by pinpointing the location of an aircraft by knowing the locations of sites that received messages from the aircraft.
  3. The FlightAware stats page will also tell you the local IP of your device and provide a link for direct connection. This is where you can find a link to SkyView, a web portal for viewing flights the receiver is picking up messages from on a map.
FlightAware PiAware: Skyview ADS-B software web interface


Не забывайте, что сигналы, поступающие от самолетов, не могут проходить сквозь объекты, поэтому антенну нужно устанавливать "под открытым" небом, при этом на пути следования сигнала к антенне не должно находиться никаких препятствий. Когда антенна установлена на крыше, что является оптимальным вариантом, достигается диапазон порядка 250 мил. / 400 км.

Воспользуйтесь дополнительными возможностями FlightAware, которые доступны только пользователям с PiAware, предоставляющим данные ADS-B. Желаем приятной работы с сайтом! Заходите на наш форум, чтобы поделиться своими впечатлениями или узнать что-то новое.

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