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Airbus A320 (N475UA)


This was the scene in the alley on the RNO ramp shortly after high noon yesterday. You won't see a sight like this very often ... here ... or (almost) anywhere. United Airlines only has a few special livery aircraft. And in those few, UA only has two aircraft in its entire fleet that are painted in former airline livery schemes (commonly referred to as "Retro" or "Heritage" liveries): this A320 dressed in United's 1970s-era "Friend Ship" garb (N475UA) and this B739 that wears ex-Continental Airlines's 1950s "Blue Skyway" colors (N75435). The "Friend Ship" and "Blue Skyway" liveries are the only two "Retro" schemes in UA's huge fleet. The "Continental Airlines" scheme seen here made its first-ever visit to RNO just a few weeks back, so yesterday was only the second time it has been at Reno. The "Friend Ship" livery has been here numerous times. Yesterday, in an extremely rare 45 minute time frame, United's only two "retro" livery aircraft stood side-by-side with each other. A scene like this is quite rare even at United's major hub terminals such as Chicago, San Fran., etc., not because the two jets aren't at those airports at the same time (they often are), but because those cities have so many UA gates that the two aircraft rarely end up side-by-side. For it to happen here is almost a one-in-a-million event; in fact, until the final months of last year, United wasn't even using B739 equipment here at Reno so the Continental schemed jet would never have been here. There are so many pics in the gallery of both of these schemes already that I wasn't going to post this one ... until I discovered there are no shots of the two of them side-by-side.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
This is a very memorable sight for RNO. For an amateur aviation photo hobbyist like myself, this is a picture that someone like me never even dreams about snapping. When I learned (at around 3:45 AM) that they would both be here at the same time, I drove to Reno and settled in to wait at a parking lot on the east side of the airport by 5:45 AM. That's how unique this was. When I was out on the ramp as the Continental B739 arrived, the United ground crew had no knowledge that these would both be here at the same time, so I told them. They were incredulous ... that it was happening (and that I knew before even they did ... lol) ... and they were very willing to let me be there to take photos. I took well over one hundred. (lol) *NOTE: Even as this photo is being posted, UA's N475UA is once again enroute here from KDEN. However, N75435 is not here today. This pic was clicked yesterday (May 16, 2017).
Gary... they should paint 'em all like this!!!
Greg Byington
Very cool, Gary!
Dave Sheehy
Nice catch Gary! 5*
Tom Vance
RNO calendar shot, Boss! 5x5! - what do you mean amatuer? and why only 100 pics?lol
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о N475UA (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
Дата Воздушное судно Пункт отправления Пункт назначения Вылет Прилет Длительность
10 дек 2018 A320Ньюарк Либерти ()Lake City Gateway () 21:07 EST 23:12 EST 2:04
10 дек 2018 A320Финикс Скай-Харбор ()Ньюарк Либерти () 13:30 MST 19:45 EST 4:14
10 дек 2018 A320Ньюарк Либерти ()Финикс Скай-Харбор () 09:39 EST 12:16 MST 4:37
9 дек 2018 A320Tampa Intl ()Ньюарк Либерти () 19:22 EST 21:27 EST 2:05
9 дек 2018 A320Международный О’Хара ()Tampa Intl () 14:34 CST 17:49 EST 2:15
9 дек 2018 A320Калгари ()Международный О’Хара () 08:37 MST 12:31 CST (?) 2:53
8 дек 2018 A320Международный О’Хара ()Калгари () 20:05 CST 22:08 MST 3:03
8 дек 2018 A320Майами ()Международный О’Хара () 17:04 EST 18:41 CST 2:37
8 дек 2018 A320Международный О’Хара ()Майами () 11:43 CST 15:20 EST 2:37
8 дек 2018 A320Сан-Антонио ()Международный О’Хара () 08:02 CST 10:05 CST 2:03
7 дек 2018 A320Международный О’Хара ()Сан-Антонио () 20:24 CST 23:01 CST 2:37
7 дек 2018 A320Indianapolis Intl ()Международный О’Хара () 18:45 EST 18:28 CST 0:43
7 дек 2018 A320Международный О’Хара ()Indianapolis Intl () 15:59 CST 17:40 EST (?) 0:41
7 дек 2018 A320Брэдли ()Международный О’Хара () 13:14 EST 14:28 CST 2:14
7 дек 2018 A320Международный О’Хара ()Брэдли () 09:30 CST 12:03 EST 1:33
7 дек 2018 A320Eppley Airfield ()Международный О’Хара () 06:47 CST 07:51 CST 1:04
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