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Boeing 747-300 (PP-VNH)


KLAX - March 1989 or 1990 - VARIG Boeing 747-3 series - one of my few trips to the LAX airline collectible show - the old Imperial terminal was still open and one could park here all day and photograph one airliner after another arriving LAX - I brought a small ladder as the fence was only 6ft tall. Note the mix of airlines at the Intl dock - and the tail of a Pan Am 747 on the right background!

Serial number 23394 LN:627
Type 747-341F
First flight date 22/11/1985

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Mark Thomas
Love that old Cathay Pacific tail on the left!
Roy Hunte
Robert Spearman
I love this photo.
@ Mark, the aircraft belonged to VARIG Airlines from Brazil and the logo depicts a Compass Rose. Incidentally this airline provided the best service around until they folded in the late 1990s
Tom Vance Photo Uploader
All nice comments - thank you all.
For Christmas I got a bag tag that was cut from the skin of this aircraft. Great picture, thanks for uploading! Also this aircraft flew cargo for many years after Varig and was finally parked in 2011.
Tom Vance Photo Uploader
Thanks Tvan...
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о PP-VNH (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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