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Flight Attendants Indict American Airlines Top Execs With ‘Moral Contempt’

American Airlines Flight Attendants declared the company’s top five executives are guilty in the court of public opinion of “managerial incompetence” and acts of “moral contempt,” stemming from a 14-count indictment brought by the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA). The Flight Attendants’ verdict was swift and overwhelming ( Ещё...

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Can't disagree with them. Get concessions from everyone, cancel flights as a matter of convenience, treat passengers like the enemy, pay bonuses to the top five ego maniacs. I think this is the new business model in America.

extremeflyer 0
Greed, I wish they all could be fired for not performing their job in the corporate world. All they cares are about them self's.
preacher1 0
Well, in their positions, they are looking out for themselves and plundering where they can. Sad but true, as Allen and Matt say here, it is the new business model, and can only be changed from the top down. While not perfect though, the other major Airlines seem to realize seem to realize they don't fly without their people. Slowly but surely, some of corporate America have gotten these pigs away from the trough but not evertybody yet.
jim macke 0
You'd think Carl Icahn was back in the airline business.


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