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Naked Man Found On Houston Airport Ramp

The unusual incident took place on April 22nd, and the investigation into what happened is ongoing. ( More...

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jim sisti 4
Not to worry, that was just ole Ted returning from Montana
Tim Dyck 2
If that happened in Florida it wouldn’t even make the news.
Greg S 2
Another downside of uncontrolled ramps.
godutch 2
As we all know...the TSA is useless.
sparkie624 2
Yeap... "Totally Stupid Agency"
the incident was around terminal E,which is mainly used for international arrivals and departures..seems as thougH IAH is the place to do strange or stupid things lately,as just a couple oF weeks back, a man stole a cargo truck and drove around with houston city police chasing him at high speeds,then he drove through a fenced in area at IAH and into terminal B where he was apprehended..the IAH police department had a substation at terminal B,but they may have added a few more over the last few years in other terminals because of growth, one for each terminal..TSA handles security checkpoints,passport checkpoints and international baggage,but the main brunt of airport security lies with the airport police..
Carole Duckett 1
Where is Virgin River? Filmed
bdarnell 1
Broken link.

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


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