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American Airlines Ground Worker Dies After Service Vehicle Crash in Texas

Several high-profile near-misses and minor ground collisions over the last few months have made improving safety a priority for the country’s airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration. An airline employee who died recently on the tarmac at an airport is one of the latest examples of why that is needed. The Austin American-Stateman reported that an American Airlines employee was killed in an incident Thursday at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. According to the Austin Police… ( More...

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this is a sad and tragic accident...however..having worked at a large airport for many years for a major airline, i can tell you the "rampers"/baggage handlers, are trained in the use of the baggage carts that have attached rollers for the bags coming on and off the planes..they are also trained as to how to drive the "huffs" that pull carts or dispatch the aircrft at pushback from the gates..they are trained in guiding the aircraft with the orange wands and they are trained as to safe distances and remaining away from aircraft engines that are running..if the person who died actually ran into a jetbridege,where there was no aircraft parked,he or she was obviously distracted or drivng too fast..the speed limit even going from gate to gate in the tractors,with or without a cart is generally no more than 15mph,and there are marked "lanes" for these vehicles..
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