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JetBlue to Cut New York Flights amid Air Traffic Controller Shortage

NEW YORK — As the busy summer travel season approaches, JetBlue Airways is gearing up to reduce its New York flights following a request from federal regulators for airlines to cut schedules by up to 10% at some of the country's most congested airports. ( More...

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Tom Bruce 3
Common IFR Room..New of the toughest ATC jobs in the system... hard to keep staffed... friend worked there for awhile..almost went nuts
cutting the number of flights may be the only solution until such time as more controllers are hired and trained,particularly for the large airports with the most traffic..with a lot of "near misses"reported these last few months in various locations,other airports may do that as well..
Ray Zimmermann 1
I did a search for news articles on flight cutbacks due to the controller shortage; interestingly, JetBlue seems to be the only airline announcing cutbacks.


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