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An Inside Perspective: Working as a Ramper

When one thinks of a career in aviation, working as a pilot oftentimes comes to mind. However, airline operations go far beyond time in the air. Bags need to come on and off the aircraft, fuel needs to be replenished, the cabin cleaned, cargo dropped, aircraft towed- a large list of important tasks is involved in the departure of every flight. If one likes a good workout, loves a fast-paced environment and doesn't mind the smell of jet fuel, then the ramp could be a great career option. ( Ещё...

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houseofgold 3
IPad version of article full of blinking ads, random photos interrupting light gray tiny font making it hard to keep my interest. When I hired on, zero classroom training, I have the dubious honor having OJT trained two great guys that moved on to be Airline executives. I taught myself CRS and how to reroute customers on delayed flights using the segment sell feature on the green screen
avionik99 2
And do not forget the great avg starting pay of $14.20 an hour!


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