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FAA warnings to pilots, airlines on new 5G threat to cockpit safety systems

The FAA has been drafting a bulletin that certain automated features used to fly and land planes could be affected by wireless towers on the ground transmitting the new 5G signals. The FAA actions aren’t expected to be directed at consumers’ use of cellphones. Experts in the U.S. aviation industry worry that some frequencies used for 5G service could interfere with radar altimeters, instruments that measure the aircrafts distance above the ground. ( Ещё...

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Cleffer 2
So if 5G is going to start operating in the C-Band, considering there are still about 150 C-Band sats in use up there, I don't see a way they are going to move all of the C-Band SATCOM customers (non-residential) out of the 3.7g - 4.2g so the SATCOM customers can live in the rest of the spectrum. There has to be some sort of plan here. C-Band is a nice platform despite it being analog (e.g. no rain fade, etc.)
jmilleratp 1
Maybe shield the electronics so that they are not more vulnerable.
avionik99 0
Experts in the U.S. aviation industry worry that some frequencies used for 5G service could interfere.
This makes no sense! If these guys are so called experts then they would know if it does interfere or not! Has nobody ever tried or tested Before we allowed 5G to be used for communications? WE do not allow this without all testing to be done first!
Just more talk from so called "Experts" that know nothing! Perhaps they are nothing more than "Expert worriers"
jmilleratp 0
It's the same reason that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei is a "threat" to the United States. But, the tons of money we throw at the CIA somehow doesn't mean that they can take their phones and simply figure out if they are a threat or not.


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