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U.S. House Rep. Proposes Vaccination Requirement For Domestic Air And Rail Travel

New legislation has been proposed to require that all commercial airline and train passengers be vaccinated for domestic travel. ( More...

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Highflyer1950 4
Better idea. Require a passport fitted for a vaccination page for all international air travel and a airline logo N-95 mask (free) for all domestic flights. When the population hits 90% fully vaccinated ditch the masks. Everyone protects everyone.
dnorthern 2
When do our arrogant self righteous Congress fools decide to require vaccination for those illegally crossing our borders.
Jim Highfill 0
Better yet, why don't the WH staff, Congress, the USPS and immigrants crossing the border have to have the vaccine? Their hypocrisy is astounding and they should lead by example if the vax is so crucial.
Rod McNeil 1
Screw him
Anthony Dennis -2
These extremists just wont quit. They have learned well from ISIS. They are a scourge on civil rights and need to be eliminated. Vote them out of office.
sailingeric 2
2,977 die on 9/11 and we go to war, you self righteous assholes refuse to get vaxed or wear a mask and kill over 600k and you are calling it your civil rights, you all are the modern day terrorist
Anthony Dennis 3
gee i guess you told me, i should be scared now right? You are correct on all points, I am self righteous, I am an asshole, I refuse to get vaxxed, i refuse to wear a mask, it is my civil rights and there is not one thing you or sleepy Joe can do about it.
dnorthern -4
Your stupidity is astonishing.
bentwing60 -4
but not without precedence!
Cleffer -1
I'm not going to reduce myself to personal attacks. If you cannot see both sides of the story, there's no sense in discussing this. It's too bad you're filled with such rage. I'm sorry for that.
Robert Cowling -3
Are you that daft?

Civil rights? We are ALL guaranteed the right to liberty and happiness, and if some idiot decides they want to be their own super spreader, they need to be contained, and expelled from society.

Your rights end at my nose, and if your idiocy ends up infecting other people, then you need to be denied passage in OUR world. We want to live, we value science, and, ironically life.

You want to use horse worming meds, you don't get to be at the adult table. You don't want to wear a mask, you don't get to be at the adult table. Sorry, but not sorry...
Jim Quinn 5
Then cover your nose. Take responsibility for yourself.
dnorthern 3
You are a paranoid tool. Stay in your safe place.

People laugh your misguided sense of superiority helped user in the individuals who turned Venezuela into the heap of crap it is now
pika1000 2
You forgot "pursuit of" in front of happiness. Huge detail, don't ya think?

You have a natural right to pursue YOUR happiness, which is believed that Jefferson meant you have the right to pursue your personal happiness, meaning life, liberty, and the ability to work to acquire things like property (which is commonly used in place of happiness). Your outcome is NEVER guaranteed.

The three, not two like you listed, natural rights were based on personal responsibility, putting the individual and not the government or others in charge of how they are obtained.

While you said "Your rights end at my nose", you are correct. At the same time, your rights to control the outcome of others lives ends at your nose as well. You have the freedom to wear a mask or not. Get the Vax, or not. You have the right to keep yourself healthy through your own actions.

All of this "Vax passport" stuff is pretty much becoming medical discrimination. Doctors allegedly refusing to care for those that aren't vaxed? Will they do the same thing to someone who has lung cancer and continues to smoke? What about someone who is obese (which makes up over 85% of the C-19 deaths in terms of comorbidities) with heart disease that still sits at home, eats like crap, and doesn't exercise?

Judging by your comment, you are vaxed. Good for you. Glad you made that decision for yourself. However, don't you think it is strange that after being told that being vaxed will get you "your freedoms back" has now cascaded into the CDC coming real close to calling the population that is vaxed the new super spreaders?

To throw a phrase that was tossed out when a very prominent medical university in the US released a report on C-19 that went against the commentary at the time with a different spin...

Just because it comes from the CDC doesn't mean it is always correct.
Greg S 2
We are *not* guaranteed a right to happiness, only children think that. We in the US *do* have rights as guaranteed by the US Constitution, and they most certainly do not end at your nose. Your view of civil liberties, that they must be "balanced" so that your ideological enemies are censored and sanctioned is mostly a reflection of the leftist totalitarian clique you inhabit, not a reflection of the meaning and history of our constitutional rights.

Your claim that you value "science" is actually hilarious. Were I to question you I've no doubt I'd discover that you understand *nothing* at all about science, the scientific method, or scientific debate. To you "science" is what Rachel Maddow tells you it is. All you can do is parrot what you're told in your echo chamber. You really believe that opinions that challenge the official narrative you've been fed your echo chamber are not just automatically wrong but should actually be banned, and if the heretic still persists then they should be imprisoned, or "placed into camps" as you've stated.

You are nothing new or unique, Robert. You are a totalitarian, straight out of Orwell. The fact that you wear it like a fool with your clown-like arguments might disarm some people, but I think many see right through your jester act.
Anthony Dennis 1
Go be paranoid somewhere else. Your an idiot and a dolt. Everyone who thinks like you should be mandated a lobotomy. Your rights end when my right to my healthcare decisions. Go crawl back under your rock low information voter.
James Driskell 1
Well said!
avionik99 1
It is a clear fact that most deaths (around 90%)are from the unvaccinated. That should scientifically tell you something about the vaccine!
Highflyer1950 1
Probably should all take the rhetoric down a notch. I’m more concerned with the angry, self entitled attitude of the general flying public. It seems, at least to me that people today have a very low anger threshold when it comes to getting their own way or dealing with change? Yelling or banging on a departure gate counter doesn't win points with the airline but people try because they been told the “squeaky wheel gets the grease”. These are the former kids who fell to the floor and screaming no, these are now the adults who (aided by alcohol) become the obnoxious, onerous self entitled demanding passengers who inflict their sarcasm on others? These attitudes are the product of a poorly mannered upbringing which in older times would have been handled quickly with a sharp smack across the face or ass. it’s called straighten up and fly right because there are consequences for acting up? Sorry for the long post but I’m fed up with adults acting like children or moronic thinking people who think they know more than those who actually went on to higher learning academic studies. Wear the damned mask, take the vaccine!
James Driskell 1
Lot's of rope smoker here! NO ONE has the right to infect someone else! Maybe we should treat the unvaxed to the Typhoid Mary treatment.
Mike Webb -1
Most contributors to this forum are intelligent logical thinkers - the pros and cons of engineering problems are discussed thoughtfully and logically. Why then deny the benefits of vaccination when almost all Covid deaths and serious hospitalizations were unvaccinated. You only allow well-trained professionals to fix the aeroplanes you fly on, so listen to the well-trained professional DOCTORS who unanimously advise you to get vaccinated. It will probably save your life and others.
Cleffer 4
The issue is that there is no one who is taking responsibility when something goes wrong in the long term. We're told that the vaccine is "safe", but there's no proof of this five or ten years from now and there's no recourse if they are wrong. I have seen too many drug company class-action lawsuits not to know better, and logical thinkers should be able to easily draw that conclusion.

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Cleffer 12
This is the problem. The virus and the vaccine are both politicized. The minute this happened, we were doomed to retorts just like these until the end of time.
dnorthern -4
You are a dolt


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