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Woman in viral TikTok video refuses to wear mask on JetBlue flight, causes 3-hr delay

A TikToker posted a video that has now gone viral which shows a woman who refused to wear her mask properly, caused a delay of a few hours, had the whole flight deboarded and then re-boarded and was eventually arrested and wheeled off the plane. In the video, which was posted by TikToker @brooklyndegumbia, the textbox reads "JetBlue ain’t playin'". The flight on which the TikToker was, got delayed by three hours because the woman in the video refused to wear a mask on a plane,… ( Ещё...

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patrick baker 14
please inform her majesty, now a federal arrestee, that her behavior is gonna cost her- fines, jail time, and banishment from all airline flights for a long time. No sane person gets to get away with this behavior. Those who attempt to do so will need to be publicized, handcuffed, jailed, very high cash bond set, arraigned, tried, and upon conviction, jailed and fined and the money needs to be collected, not forgiven. Pretty quick, this practice will seem distasteful to anyone contemplating to do it. There is no rational excuse for this behavior, and the justice system is designed to educate these folks quickly and spare we the observant ones from further silliness
Roy Hunte 3
Basically the modern version of hung, drawn and quartered. 😁
James Driskell 2
emkostiuk 12
I'm wondering if a good lawyer could sue individuals like made me late for an important business meeting, delayed my vacation, and caused me anxiety, you made me miss my connection to my destination for my ailing mom/dad, missed a wedding etc......all because she is special and those on the flight are not.

Amazing the stupidity this virus has caused.
sharon bias 2
Well, to touch on a sensitive subject, Texas's new anti-abortion law allows individuals to sue other individuals for breaking the law. And it was upheld by the Supreme Court. So if you can figure out who the person on the plane really is, it seems you have a legal precedence to proceed.
jeff slack 1
With the EXTREME regularity, this is occurring you may get your chance to hire a lawyer and test this one out.

I stand behind you 110%.
ADXbear 5
This issue should NOT inconvenience the entire flight for 3 hours! Get on with it, boot from plane.. Send her a nice bill and a ban from flying based on severity..
Torsten Hoff 2
The problem is that when you kick her off the flight, you need to find her luggage and get if off the plane as well. Then redo the security screening before everyone can re-board.
Cleffer 5
Just put the mask on you narcissistic bitch.
Brent Bahler 1
The best solution is for the airlines to require proof of vaccination in order to board the aircraft (similar to what ship cruises now require). If a state like Florida bans such a requirement, then the airlines can simply suspend service to the state. Because Florida has no income tax, it must rely on sales taxes to keep operating. It needs tourists to visit and pay those taxes. It’s time to force the governor to make a choice there.
Cleffer 3
Irrelevant and political grandstanding. This doesn't make people stop acting like assholes.
avionik99 0
Oh right force people to wear a mask but then cram them all in on full flights? Do they really care at all? If we still need masks then we still need spacing and open seats!! Its not about masks at all but the almighty dollar! Masks only work well when you include Spacing!!
patrick baker 4
incorrect on the spacing misrepresentation... masks prevent the covid laced droplets from entering our systems and entering others around us. Get the mask properly labeled 95 , not the blue flimsy look-alike and sit back in confidence and in compliance.


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