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Officially Official: Las Vegas McCarran Airport Renamed After Harry Reid

The Federal Aviation Administration has officially recognized Las Vegas's airport as Harry Reid International Airport. ( Ещё...

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Joe Morrison 6
Mike Hindson-Evans 4
Having read the article referred to in this squawk, I cannot help but feel that "Las Vegas International Airport" would have been better for the long term.

Conversely, I recall the line in the asteroid-apocalypse film "Deep Armageddon" (yes, I know two films came out at the same time in the late 1990s) - "Well, we'll all have high schools named after us".

As an aside, here in the northwest of the UK, Manchester International Airport is always referred to, locally, as "Ringway".
Mike Mohle 2
Wonder if the airport sign is complete with the official eye patch.
bentwing60 -1
Proud to say, I will never land there again, nor be that obtuse.
Edward Lapinski -6
What a very stupid remark take your MAGA hat and stick it where the sun doesn't shine!!!!!!!!!!!
JW Wilson 2
Naming it for him was the dumbest thing, next to your MAGA remark.
John D 0
I had never heard of McCarran until I read the book "The Last Million". McCarren, a long dead senator known for anti-Semitism and overall a disagreeable man. Probably should not have named an airport for him in the first place.
Zachary Colescott 3
Well, he originally bought it, so...
Ra1n 0
Will we ever live in a time where we can both recognize someone's faults and their positive contributions to society?
JW Wilson 2
They have to have some positive contributions to recognize.


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