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Once The World’s Largest Plane: The Story Of The Ilyushin Il-62

n aircraft’s size can often play a key role in forming and cementing its reputation and legacy. Indeed, you only have to look at the vast crowds that the Antonov An-225 draws to see that, for many people, the larger the aircraft means a greater spectacle. When the Ilyushin Il-62 was launched, it immediately nabbed the title of the world’s largest aircraft at the time. Let’s take a look at the history of this pioneering rear-engined aircraft. ( More...

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Wolfgang Prigge 2
I had a chance to ride in one, an Aeroflot flight from Moscow to East Berlin, in 1969. It was an impressive sight to see.
Ron Edwards 1
maybe JET USA could add a few to their fleet. a few 727-200's a couple of Il 62-M's whose gonna know!!
gene haemmerle 1
Believe it had a set of landing wheels directly under the tail which were employed to prevent the tail from hitting ground on landing. A fix for a design flaw ?
Greg Daley 1
Conspicuously absent from this article: numbers supporting the claim of being “ the world’s largest aircraft”. It shouldn’t be that tough to pull together some comparative dimensions.
Bayouflier 1
The only reason they sold as many copies as they did was that the countries in the soviet bloc were not allowed to purchase western equipment in the early sixties. The Il-62 is a pile of junk. It took four huge gas guzzling (Russian) engines to get it off the ground and as a result it couldn't make it across the Atlantic unrefueled. Got a tour of the cockpit back in the late eighties and was floored by how technologically retarded this plane was. It made a 20 year old 727 look futuristic. If Jake had done his homework he could have written a less nostalgic piece about this flying bag of bolts.


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