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New Legislation says “No!” to TSA in Texas

Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview) introduced a package of bills into the Texas House of Representatives on Tuesday that would challenge the TSA’s authority in a number of ways. The first bill, HB 1938, prohibits full body scanning equipment in any Texas airport and provides for criminal and civil penalties on any airport operator who installs the equipment. The second bill, HB 1937, criminalizes touching without consent and searches without probable cause. ( Ещё...

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TTail 0
will it work?? we will know very soon. if the state of texas bans the TSA, will the FAA take away all the airports and airlines authority to fly in our country?? good luck to the state of texas.
TTail 0
two major airlines corporate HQ'S are in texas. what would this mean too them? AMR, AND SWA.
rwb2112 0
It'll never pass, just like HB548(decriminalizing pot)& HB1491(legalize medical pot) wasted efforts by elected officials, IMHO
Joel Rodriguez 0
Never under estimate The Great State of Texas. :)
mark tufts 0
just remember if you take all metal objects out like cell phone keys and the like chances are you will go thru everything ok.just as long as you not have flammables on you or in your carry on.
easyrider 0
until we see the tsa slapping around muslims, they will always be just a "knee-jerk-reaction-joke.
Matt Comerford 0
Wow Robert, true colors man!
AccessAir 0
Good, I hope it passes.....TSA IS a joke!!!
learjetter 0
David Ford 0
Mike Davis 0
As uncomfortable and intrusive as TSA is, that would make Texas a bulls-eye for the next entry point for extremists, who have already 'won' by forcing imposition of TSA into our freedoms.
Matt Comerford 0
Matt Comerford 0
Daniel Baker 0
@rwb2112 I think the idea is that you have to start somewhere & this approach gets way more attention than just talking about it.
Michael Fuquay 0
Mike Davis - I agree that the extremists have already 'won', which is why I don't think they will use airports/airplanes again. They've already succeeded in that. I think it's great what Texas is doing - Get rid of TSA!
John Danish 0
Well that is two states, NH this week and now Texas. I think NH has the right idea, put the TSA offenders on the sex watch list.................
Bob Johnson 0
The next time the terrorist strike in the United States, watch all the TSA heaters run and hide. We Americans have such short memories, what did you think happen in Russia, England, India and France can't happen in the USA, get REAL Michael Fug, bet you will be the first to hide under a rock.
I second that bobbyjoh! Americans really have the shortest memories on the planet. We have forgotten about the UPS plane that was bomb a few months ago and the airport in Russia last month. More people travel by air than any other means. You stop the commercial airlines, and you stop America. An yes, Michael Fug will be the second to hide under a rock. Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview) will be the first.
John Danish 0
I hate to say this, but americans are NOT blowing up airplanes, IF this takes profile assessment that is fine with me. The TSA needs to check more closely what they are checking for?
Dick Powell 0
Hay at 30,0000 ft I just want to be safe along with my fellow passengers.
Dont forget the shoe and the shorts bombers.
John Danish 0
And, they were not americans, with no luggage, and no return ticket, nor coat on the way to Detroit in the winter.......
Bob Johnson 0
And just what does a terrorist look like, do you think they are all middle eastern guys. What a joke, there are terrorist that are white, black, Hispanic, you name it. So who are you going to profile. This profile idea is just junk stupid.
dmanuel 0
I guess someone could say 'TSA - the eyes of Texas are upon you'. Queue the music.


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