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Supersonic Regret

Now in Ask the Pilot: Supersonic Regret. When I could have ridden the Concorde for four hundred dollars, and idiotically chose not to.... ( Ещё...

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bbabis 2
I missed it when it was giving rides up in Oshkosh for $400 dollars, but I had three little ones at the time and it just wasn't feasible. I did stand next to the runway when it took off though. The Earth shook and I couldn't hear my wife yelling at me for a rest of the day.
Donald La Monica 1
I was there with my brother but he was too cheap to pay for the flight so I didn't go. I got some great photos though...
Mike Webb 1
I understand your regret. My late father worked with French counterparts on Concorde and saw it fly before be passed. My mother used to visit me here in St. Lucia, and one of her favorite things was to drive to Hewanorra airport and watch the weekly Concorde take off. Not an economically viable airplane, but such a wonderful undertaking.
Robert Cowling 1
Me too. I had a chance to take the Concorde to London, and take the QEII back to New York. The cost really wasn't that outrageous, surprisingly. What stopped me was the time on the QEII. I couldn't see spendind that much time getting back. They had an option, of course, to fly both ways, but the cost really was outrageous. It turned out that on the day I would have left, I had a family emergency, so likely would have had to last second cancel the whole thing anyway, and lost all that money. *sigh*

But I did see the Concorde at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, and was not impressed at the size of the seats. They had to have gourmet food and expensive hooch to likely distract from the cramped conditions. But it's a shame that it didn't become commercially viable. It's ironic that Russia copied it, and their ham handed copy failed too. The crash of the Concorde probably ended the future for supersonic flight for decades to come. Sad...
ADXbear 1
I saw the twin landing here at MCO back in 1982.. very cool to see.


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