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Clark County Aviation Authority Unanimously Votes to Rename McCarran International Airport

The Clark County Commission voted unanimously today to rename McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas to Harry Reid International Airport, after the retired US Senate majority leader and native of Searchlight, Nevada. The renaming of McCarran International Airport had always been contentious: Patrick McCarran, also a US Senator, was a proponent of modern aviation in the USA, but was also a known racist and anti-semite. ( Ещё...

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Mike Boote 14
This is hysterical. I live in Las Vegas and this has been murmured about for years. The excuse they used was that nobody knew where McCarran International Airport was because "Las Vegas" is not in the title. They said it should be "Las Vegas International Airport". Now they have decided to rename it "Harry Reid International Airport." I guess that somehow tells people it is in Las Vegas.

Personally, I think its a bad idea to name something after someone who is living. You never know what they are going to do.
Mike Mohle 5
Locals will be driving down to Searchlight to "Reid" airport. LOL
houseofgold 2
bbabis 1
Or remember what he has done. The 51 vote "Nuclear Option" is destroying our country by making it less necessary for the parties to work together on any issue.
Ok then, Clark County Commissioners, now that we're feeling pretty good about ourselves what's next on the renaming agenda?

Hey, how about Clark County? Since William "Never Bought Anyone Who Wasn't for Sale" Clark was such a sweetheart and all around good guy and everything.

Or wait, hold on, we better take care of Fremont Street first. You know, since John Fremont probably killed more Indians than smallpox, am I right?

I could go on and on.
ajwebb0404 6
I can tolerate sports team changing their names. But airports? No, no, no.
Trying to throw away ANY nations history is not the best way to go on about this. Might I suggest "McCarran-Reid Las Vegas International Airport"? Airport names generally "stick" once made.
Fun fact, the Atlanta City Council almost dropped the "Hartsfield" out of KATL. According to Wikipedia, public outcry prevented this.
Steve Balogh 1
Melbourne International Airport is called Tullamarine Airport for some weird reason. I think it relates to the original Aborigine owners of the land.Nobody outside of Melbourne would have any idea what Tullamarine stands for. I agree that airports should be named after the city they are located rather than some person who wishes to remain famous. Most of our train stations are named after the towns or suburbs they serve so why not airports?
vector4traffic 1
I never knew that most of the "strip" is not in Las Vegas but rather in the unincorporated town of "Paradise".

Paradise International would have been great.
James Driskell 1
Typical "tempest in a tea pot"!
ADXbear 0
JOKE! Stop with name changes to people, they all have skeletons that should not be praised, including Mr Reid.. Whats next, change SFO, to Nancy P. Airport.?
ajwebb0404 2
Don't give "THEM" too many ideas. "THEY" could be reading this thread. LOL
Brad Littlejohn 1
They actually were going to change it to Milk/Moscone International airport, in honor of Harvey Milk and George Moscone, for whom were both assassinated.

houseofgold 0
Put a plaque by the flag if you must, but the Airport name should be the town it serves, thank you ATL. Eisenhower is not From Wichita, but the airport is saying Look at me. Burbank, Eugene, Santa Rosa. Hey. Flying to Mahlon Sweet today, where am I going?
jbermo 0
Politics, politics, &^%#$ politics! Hoover Dam was the official name given to the dam during Herbert Hoover's administration before FDR (who had despised Herbert Hoover) came along and had the name officially changed to "Boulder Dam" . . . Then later, another political official came along and officially switched it back to "Hoover Dam". . . . Today, both names are used all pending the era that one grew up in.
John D 0
I did not know who McCarren was until I read the book "The Last Million". Basically, they named an airport after a jerk and now want to rename it after another jerk. It's their airport. I supposed they can do whatever they want.
Brad Littlejohn 2
Actually, it was originally named Alamo field, by the original owner, George Crockett. Alamo was then abandoned when a new airport was built north of the field, and then was reactivated after USAF came into that new field, which is now present-day Nellis AFB.

You're right on McCarran, though; he was an absolute jerk.


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