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France urges parts review after Airbus A380 engine blowout

French investigators have called for a review of the design and maintenance of titanium alloy engine parts to ensure they guard against the risks of metal fatigue following an engine blowout on an Airbus <AIR.PA> A380 exactly three years ago. France's BEA agency made the recommendation in a final report into the accident in which an Air France jet carrying more than 500 passengers lost the front section of one of its four engines while flying over Greenland, before landing safely in… ( Ещё...

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Malcolm Duncan 3
The QF32 aircraft was powered by Rolls Royce engines, and it failed because an oil gallery fractured because it was drilled off centre. This caused bearing siezure and the main shaft sheared off, carrying the turbine disc with it. The Air France A380 had an American manufactured engine and the turbine disc suffered metal fatigue.
Ron Fletcher 1
Was this similar to the Qantas failure on departure from Singapore some years ago?

Ryan White 1
I have up close ramp pictures on my FlightAware account.


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