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Virgin Atlantic to cut 3,000 jobs and quit Gatwick

Virgin Atlantic has announced it is to cut more than 3,000 jobs in the UK and end its operation at Gatwick airport. ( Ещё...

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Chris B 2
Gatwick is on life support. Especially if BA/IAG drops the 737 LOI. Tremendous number of ground personnel at EGKK have been put on the Govt redundancy scheme
wx1996 2
wx1996 2
ADXbear 1
Just a matter of time here for perm terminations.. closing hubs etc..
Brad Littlejohn 1
VIR's Las Vegas run just got put into jepardy. That's a daily from EGKK-KLAS in a B744, in which they are also axing the aircraft. That leaves their only direct service to KLAS from EGCC, and that isn't daily, plus is either a B744 or an A330.

If they move that EGKK service to EGLL, that puts them not only directly against BAW, but may not have the available slots for it. Quite a pickle indeed, as that EGKK-KLAS run is a huge money maker.
mbrews 0
- Any industry that requires people to congregate in MOBS in enclosed spaces will FAIL in post-covid economy. That means Casinos (all of which closed for lockdowns ), Sport stadiums, and travel via enclosed tubes (trains, subways, and passenger aircraft). Don't expect a repeat of last season's money-making ? air flights to Las Vegas KLAS
Roger Anderson 1
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Flightag News -2
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Virgin Atlantic To Leave Gatwick Airport And Cut 3,000 Jobs

Virgin Atlantic to leave Gatwick Airport and cut 3,000 jobs. The airline announced today it will cut more than 3,000 jobs in the UK and cease its operations at Gatwick airport. Virgin Atlantic currently employs a total of about 10,000 people. Job cuts are expected to affect employees across the board.
Enrique Perrella -2
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Virgin Atlantic Axes Gatwick, Retires 747-400, Cuts 3,150 Jobs

Virgin Atlantic has announced a plethora of changes to its operation in the post-COVID-19 climate, including the closure of its London Gatwick (LGW) base, the early retirement of the Boeing 747-400, and the reduction of 3,150 jobs.


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