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Air Canada Maintenance Engineers begin comprehensive training months ahead of the A220 arrival

Air Canada Maintenance began preparing for the arrival of the A220 in July of 2018, and the first groups of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are now undergoing in-depth certification training courses. (www.aircanada.com) Ещё...

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wx1996 1
Did you mean 727-300 instead of the 747? Their version for gravel runways?
Steven Richardson 1
What great news for AIR CANADA , A220 Arrival . I'M Interested to know what sought of aircraft they will be replacing , as I'M saddened to hear a number 747-300 being replaced. I know in early days they had big fleet of MCDC-10 .
canuck44 1
The 743 was the only model Air Canada never owned. They inherited some 74's from Canadian Airlines International ex-Canadian Pacific ex-Ward Air and possibly the DC10's although they may have been gone by the time Air Canada took over. Working only from memory those DC10's I think were traded from the Pakistani national carrier whatever its name was. Stories went around then that Canadian Pacific had to almost tear them down to the frame to make them operational. Can't vouch for that.
Henry Matias 1
Why were they purchased (Dc10) to begin with? Tear down to the frame? What was wrong with them?
canuck44 1
They got them in trade from PIA in days passengers smoked. Full of soot and wiring corrosion.
Peter Fuller 1
According to the Wikipedia article on Air Canada, the 45 A220s ordered will replace their 15 remaining E190s. AC is also set to retire 21 A320s and to transfer many of their 16 A319s to the Rouge low-cost subsidiary, so that’ll make room for the rest of the A220s.


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