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United Airlines new technology aims to cut down on missed connections

United’s new software program, dubbed ConnectionSaver, looks at data from airline schedules, passenger itineraries, staff work schedules and other sources to automatically decide if a flight can be delayed and for precisely how long to reduce as many missed connections as possible without creating more headaches for other fliers. ( Ещё...

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paul trubits 10
I am glad that United now has a system that takes the decision to delay a flight out of the gate agents hands. When you have a system that rewards gate agents for getting flights out on time(as opposed to getting passengers to their destination), you get to witness first hand passengers missing their connections. The consequences come out of someone else's budget at the airline.
Donald Parsons 2
When working for Piedmont Airlines in the late 1980's - this was standard procedure. Using HUMANS with common sense, that worked for not only the passenger but for an airline that CARED about it's guests got things done. I met many a flight where the arrival flight was a bit late and escorted guests to their connecting gates - all for the comfort and convenience of the guests. When guests are put FIRST - they will continue to come back and fly with you. That's why small "puddle jumper" PI of the deregulation days grew and became a "Model of what an airline should be" and awarded Airline of the year in 1986. THOSE were the days!
paul trubits -2
Flash forward to the 2000's: Flying in and out of KSBY to KPHL and KCLT when Piedmont waited for no one, routinely left luggage because of weight issues and cancelled the last flight of the day. Glad you got out before US Air bought them.
N150DD 3
The piedmont you’re talking about was Henson Airlines. The piedmont Donald is talking about is the original Piedmont. 2 different airlines. Weight issues is an aircraft specific issue, not Piedmont’s fault. As for whether or not they can delay flights for connecting passengers, that is ultimately up to American mainline, not piedmont.
paul trubits 0
So, Henson Airlines is now Piedmont? Just like American Airlines is really America West.
N150DD 1
"In 1989, Piedmont merged into USAir and Henson planes were repainted to reflect the new identity of USAir Express. In 1993, Henson was renamed Piedmont Airlines in order to preserve the Piedmont identity within the USAir Group family." Source is piedmont airlines website under "our history"
mary susan watkins 1 me skeptical, but is united airlines trying a "back to the future space.time continuum" (if you have seen the movies from the 80's you will know what i am talking about!)it makes sense, following the amount of time to fly from point a to b,weather conditions,the Jetstream and other such,like waitng for crew,that unless a connecting flight at point b has no issues whatsoever,the flight crew,the agents, and of course the passengers on that flight would not choose to wait an additional 10,20,30 or whatever minutes for connections,as they too paid for transportation on whatever airline, and may need to be at the destination in a timely fashion..the decision to delay a flight is NOT in the agents hands by the way..the agent is allowed a brief reasonable amount of time for a delay,which must be coordinated with the captain,the flight crew,the dispatcher, and also the ground crew on the also must be approved and supervisors at the gates advised..there are applicable "codes" that must be input for any delay,but up to 5 minues is usually the "forgiven" time..anything over that,there are codes, but a more detailed explanation is necessary..the consequences monetarily are coded as well and there are maintenance,weather and the whole nine yards for that..of course the airlines do not want to have customer complaints about "on time performance",but there are physical circumstance beyond even the control of computer technology..


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