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Toddler Is Injured After Getting Stuck on Airport Baggage Conveyor Belt System for 5 Minutes

The boy's mom reportedly told police she looked away "for one second" to print her boarding pass ( More...

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padrooga23 21
Not the airport's problem.
I hope that the toddler is okay. Well, it would actually be the mother's problem because she left him unattended. So, you are right.
Maurice Songy 11
I work in an airport and see parents "looking away for just a second" all the time. "Looking away for just a second" translates to they were sitting there looking at their phone and not paying attention to what their kid was doing. We once had to threaten to ask a person to leave because she kept allowing her child to play on the escalators. The child kept sitting on the up escalator facing the opposite direction of travel while her mom sat in a chair looking at her phone. She was warned several times, but never heeded the warning.
isardriver 3
agree, some parents do not get it
I know. I work in the aquatics field for my city's recreational services. You and @isardriver all have the same points. I can agree with you guys as well.
padrooga23 9
Yes those are xray units. Dose would depend on how long he was in there. presumably the operator stopped when they saw the kid. a few seconds would not be very harmful, certainly not as much as a single CT scan. Probably the equivalent of a couple chest xrays. not enough to cause a problem.
WhiteKnight77 2
I wonder that as well. Hopefully someone saw him before he was shoved into the machine and was able to turn the camera/source off. A limit of 20 RAD a day is easy to breach if it is a strong source.
scottiek 16
Some people think those kid harnesses/leashes are cruel. In this case, one would have prevented a potentially fatal problem. And it's certainly NOT the airport's problem.
If a parent apples the proper discipline to their children then there is no need for many of the uses of a "child's harness" .Most of the times the harness is for lazy parents to use.
WhiteKnight77 3
You may think it lazy parenting, but there are instances where it really is needed, as in the case of my mother with 3 kids flying from upstate New York to Japan with 3 kids under 7 years old, including a year old infant, to meet our father after his tour in Vietnam. This trek involved leaving NY, changing planes at O'Hare, onto SFO before having to catch a bus to Travis AFB for the MAC charter flight to Hickam AFB then on to Yakota. I (and I am the oldest) was the runner of us 3 kids and without the harness attached to her wrist, I would have been gone. My sister (the baby) was tended to by airmen who volunteered to help Ma out so she could ensure that we all got onboard all those planes.

Sometimes such measures are needed sometimes and kids are not worse for the wear for having to be attached to Mom for a period of time.
Granted there are times as you mentioned that a restraint is needed but in to days society it seems like many mothers don't want to be bothered with the "trivia" of proper parenting
lynx318 0
Result of not being able to spank an unruly brat is incidences like this. Friends kids are like this.
Chris B 6
Hmmm.... Are those Xray machines on the carousel that he went through? What dosage was he exposed to?
Mark Weiser 8
I work in the BUF airport, the number of parents that ignore the havoc their children create should be held accountable. They allow them 2-3 year old to play on the belts, on the window radiators where there are benches with sharp edges, just this summer 2 of them have made a face plant into the ends of these seats. They they shriek about the unsafe, dangers, I try to make them stop and get a load of crap from the parents. There is a demographic to this phenom as well. Make them sit, or fine the parents!
What a dumb ass mother. "Hey lady there are dangerous moving baggage belts here,so watch your child".
wingbolt 6
Spirit probably tried to charge her a checked bag fee
Eric Schmaltz 4
Nah...I'm thinking he was a carry on.
TERRY Smith 3
Did the TSA put him in 'toddler-cuffs' for the trip to the hospital?
lynx318 3
Spare pet carrier....
lynx318 2
Natural selection.
George Cottay 2
The young adventurer looks to be a bit beyond the toddler stage. With direct experience at how quickly kids can take off I'm happy no one her is condemning the mother and that People mag did not try to blow up the incident beyond its scope.
alan75035 1
Next time but the kid a seat, rather than checking him as baggage.
the child appears to be about 4 years of age or so by his size,and not a "toddler" of say 2 or any case,moms multi task all the time,but there are moments when you have to look away or pull away from a child when in a public a small child,that moving baggage belt would be a ride at Disneyland..thank goodness he did not fall off,but was only banged around a bit by the bags and trying to move..this is not the airline,nor the airports fault..the bag belts move constantly and they generally are staffed by the tsa or the airline it is lucky several people witnessed this and were able to save the child...
Mark Weiser 7
Mary, that is a lame excuse! there is never a rational "reason" to look away, or as you say, "multi task" you have one task, TAKE CARE OF your little snot!


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