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Trump’s 4th of July Revolutionary War airport quote turns into glorious travel meme

President Trump’s Fourth of July speech did not exactly go as well as he hoped it would, but thanks to a history blunder, a wonderful travel meme war born. ( Ещё...

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Cansojr 2
Trumps knowledge of American history is sad. A kid in Canada knows more about American history than the President. It is truely pathetic, the best boffin act in North America.
Jake MItchell 1
Please leave politics out of this.
Cansojr -1
Obviously there was some glad handing at the FAA and Boeiing. That got 346 people killed. You are right to leave the politicians out. Afterall they did nothing constructive. You are right politics has no place in flight safety.
Jake MItchell 3
No one is denying the wrongdoings in the MAX crisis. There is just no need for a fight about politics in an AVIATION website comment section.
Cansojr 1
My comment was about education not politics.
william baker 1
Dont give into Cansojr, He is just looking to fight with people on here. Tried it with me the other day.
Cansojr -2
Mr. Baker I have no qualms or bitternes toward you or your friends. I am 63 and I have had my fights in life and I am done. Perhaps you should loook in?
Cansojr -2
This is how Mr. Baker operates. He gets enough of you to buy into his psychonbable and knock all my thumbs out. Mr. Baker doesn't realize how much trouble he got into. Put the points back. That's really a low blow. I AM REPORTING YOU MONDAY. BYE BYE BAKER
Stuart Fountain 1
EWR has improved since then!
william baker 1
Don’t you just love autocorrect. Lol
Chris Bryant 0
You know what, the memes are pretty funny overall. But let's try to keep the politics off the site.
jeff slack -1
Exactly what the Germans said as their Jewish neighbours disappeared.

You can not ignore or not comment on the reality the effects us all.................trump is devastating and you don't want to look back and wish you said something.


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