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Kenya Airways plane stowaway falls to death in London

A man is believed to have dropped to his death from a plane flying over London, after his body was discovered in a residential garden on Sunday. The man appeared to have been a stowaway, who fell from the landing gear compartment of a Kenya Airways plane on approach to Heathrow airport, London's Metropolitan Police said in a statement on Monday. "Police were called at 15:39hrs (10:39 ET) on Sunday, 30 June to a residential address in Offerton Road, Clapham after a body was discovered… ( More...

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Pete Schecter 1
You cant challenge gravity and win...
andromeda07 1
This seems to happen surprisingly often, implying some pretty serious issues securing planes.
ian mcdonell 0
Darwin is working overtime
sharon bias -1
While immigration issues are a hot button in Europe and the US, this just shows what desperate measures people will go to to escape their home. I fear we will see more of this in the future.


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