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Troubled Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes banned from UK airspace

The UK Civil Aviation Authority announced a ban on Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft from British airspace on Tuesday. Britain has joined a growing number of countries grounding the aircraft after two deadly crashes in recent weeks. ( Ещё...

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Kenneth Schmidt 4
Obviously, neither you nor I were on either flight, nor were we on the Flight Deck. And of course, none of us are privy to anything on the recorders that have been recovered.

I am sure there have been phone calls from EASA, FAA, and the UK authority regarding what investigators know thus far. I am also sure that Boeing, who has official standing in both investigations, has also been in contact with the same government authorities.

We do not know the reasonings behind the decisions made by those government authorities, and what they know or don't know. All you and I can offer is supposition at this point. Perhaps those authorities concluded to take the safe course, and erred on the side of caution. I am not sure I could blame them.
Chris B 2
Interesting to look at the Max 8 in the air according to Flightaware. Seems that the CAA has relaxed its ban already.
Ron Fletcher 1
Better to be safe than sorry.
Roy Hunte 1
Very sad.
I notice there is no chat from our friend linbb, I wonder why...
Chris B 1
Had friends already asking me how they can tell a 737Max from other aircraft as they don't want to fly it.

Its better to know before you book is my initial response....
mbrews 1
Yes, look before u book. Easy using flightaware browse by aircraft type. Search for B38M and B39M . Those are 4 letter industry codes for 737 8 max and 737 9 max respectively. That would yield a list & map of the flights currently airborne. In North America you might see AAL. SWA. UAL . Also a few Air Canada and WestJet. Of course you would expect to see the aircraft type listed on airline booking site. These methods aren't 100 percent accurate but show you which carriers & routes are STILL operating maxes. (Smarmy trolls .will now tell us that Boeing made a Perfect product that should not be questioned )
s s 1
This from Reuters seems to suggest a different cause than Lion Air:

GARA-BOKKA, Ethiopia (Reuters) - The Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed killing 157 people was making a strange rattling noise and trailed smoke and debris as it swerved above a field of panicked cows before hitting earth, according to witnesses.
rob strong 1
"Control issues" is the latest report, saying the aircraft was not responding to the pilots' inputs. Not sure if they are getting this from the boxes though.
djames225 2
Yes...and the weird noises, smoke and debris were apparently being strewn from the tail section.
Richard Orgill -6
Nothing like overreacting by UK. One crashes because of the crew as not that familiar with emergency procedures (or so it seems at this point) and the Gvt. wants all the blame on this one which could, or could not be, mechanical issues from ground crew or Boeing.

OR could it be that the UK and other European counties want to back Airbus over Boeing for political reasons? Didn't see the UK ban Airbus (France) when the co-pilot didn't engage or "fly the plane" several years back.

Maybe America could do the same next time an Airbus model takes a dive we could ban that model...that would upset the system quickly.
Jim Myers 7
"not that familiar with emergency procedures" - pretty damn IMPOSSIBLE to be familiar with procedures that Boeing ADMITTED they left out of the manuals and the training.
John Manley -3
fear mongering / sensationalist media has gotten to everyone... lol love it. Glad the FAA is actually has a brain.
mbrews 3
Is this THIRD time praise for the FAA who oversaw while Boeing rushed thru the MAX certification ? And the FAA somehow overlooked that a SINGLE failure of one Anglo=of=attack indicator (AoA) could cause plane to nose down into the ground ? (or ocean like Lionair)
John Manley 1
Are you saying you've never heard of cutting out the STAB TRIM..?
Jamar Jackson -5
If it’s boeing I ain’t going
djames225 6
I don't have nice things to say about BowWing or Scarebus, but won't stop me from flying if I have to go somewhere. These 2 coincidences, however, do put a dampner on flying on a MAX until questions are answered.
mbrews 5
I'm one of more loyal Boeing fans there is. Just not this model, IMO seems it was rushed thru certification in a big hurry. My take : just observe what professional pilots have to say. For those strapping into a Max these days, their pre-flight brief is : what do we do when the MCAS wrongly activates and tries to plow us into the ground? As a sometimes passenger, " If it's a Max Boeing, Im not going.
Chris B 1
Wonder if they have included the MCAS software patches in simulators so Pilots can train for the scenario.
rob strong 1
And when the Air France Airbus accident happened, people said the same thing about Scarebus.

I'll fly the 787 all day any day. Love that airplane.
William McIntosh -4
This is European petty provincialism at its worst. The CAA wouldn't be quite so quick to ground the Airbus, now would they? We have absolutely no idea of what really happened to either flight, nor are we ever likelyr to really find out, given local cultural norms that shift blame . All we know is that there have been no problems with American operation of this airplane. The only problems with the 737 MAX have arisen from the two areas of the world that seem to generate the most accidents--flying any aircraft.


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