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Aeroflot #SU1515 to Moscow just diverted to Khanty Mansiysk due to possible hijack attempt

Aeroflot #SU1515 from Surgut to Moscow diverted to Khanty Mansiysk with reports of hijack attempt. ( Ещё...

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AWAAlum 9
About 50% of the comments here have nothing whatever to do with the squawk, but rather with Trump and all the drivel that goes with that. Can we please get back to the purpose of this site?
sharon bias 10
The US has it's fair share of drunks trying to exit the plane at 30,000 ft and/or barge into the cockpit. It's just we don't call them hijackers. We call them unruly passengers. The problem is the airlines (all airlines) that let them board the plane, and/or serve them more booze on the plane. The airlines need to give their staff more support in keeping these folks off the planes to begin with.
Andrea Larson 4
Team effort. They both work for the air carrier. Why not blame the bartender too?
Just remember, it is not what you say but how you say it :-)

Now, who wants to run over the safe space, pet some bunnies and color?
Bernie20910 1
As long as the bunnies are over 21...
Shenghao Han 3
Excuse me sir, how much Vodka did you drink?
ynot ssor 1
Traditionally at least, alcohol has been served as a sedative.

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paul trubits 14
If you are thinking about becoming a comedy writer, don't quit your day job.

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RECOR10 -9
It it was not Trumps fault, must be that kid in the MAGA hat....come on, I need an "all purpose scapegoat".

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david strangmeier 7
Bless your heart. The people of Venezuela are not laughing at us. I pray that your aeronautical abilities are superior to your deductive reasoning and the construct of the english language.
RECOR10 -4
Maybe he learned English with "Common Core"? Sure is doing a cracker jack job of being sure that even when you have the wrong answer (in math and life) - it is STILL correct if you can justify it.
Jerry Jackson 4


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