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Breaking: Airline Passenger Runs out onto the tarmac to CHASE his flight

A Ryanair passenger was arrested this morning as he sprinted onto the tarmac at Dublin Airport in a bid to chase down his flight after it left without him. ( Ещё...

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Martin Allan 3
I'll bet he had paid the £20 fee for extra legroom and didn't want to lose it!
My my my my...I would have loved to see the visuals. Makes a great storyline for a Hollywood flick, re-enacted best by Rowan Atkinson/Zach Galiafianakis/Ed Helms.
Larry Toler 1
Something similar happened on a USAirways Express flight I was working from KORF to KPIT. I just did the pax count on our ERJ145 and me and the FO were checking weight and balance. I happened to look out of the flight deck and some drunk looking chick was running across the ramp to our aircraft. Gate agent running after her. We're laughing but, hell no she's not getting in my cabin. We crunched the numbers real quick. Damn, if she sits in 18 A I don't have to move pax. I let her on. She passed out as soon as I helped her to her seat. I kept a pretty close eye on her that flight.


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