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An Air Canada Flight Just Shut Down Japan's Biggest Airport

This is the third incident within the past year or so where Air Canada has messed up their landing. (www.aviation24.be) Ещё...

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Chris Pedersen 2
And all of this from the 'best airline in the world' Not sure what Skytraxx bases that on but ops must not in the calculations.
Roch Comeau 1
Actually, it was "Best Airline in North America". Much lower bar...
tchartman 2
I guess it was really an Air Canada Boeing 787-8 "Bad Dreamliner" as far as the passengers were concerned. I suppose the pilot had some "bad dreams" as well...

What happens to the pilot in a case like this? Certainly this is not criminal, but how does the airline handle these mistakes?
Airassociate 1
Years ago the big AC would fire the captain on the spot. Now the younger generation gets to go for more Re-Training.
Owen Plowman 1
This Is Not Really News. Moreover The Style Of Capitalizing The Initial Letter Of Each Word In The Headline Is Deplorable.
bettiem 1
A nightmare for all involved but it would seem that fault for the extent of the negative effect on passengers would be contributory by all parties, very much including the airport.
Chrystal Shephard 1
Didn’t this route just start?
Chrystal Shephard 1
My mistake, it’s a year old.
Rui Dias -1
I tend to ignore these forums because of the hyperbole and ignorance. The comments below maintain my opinion. In general people don't have a clue and are so quick to condemn air operators in the most extreme terms.
Jim Mitchell 0
Looks like that taxiway should have been barricaded (physically). No different than a highway.


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