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Ontario, California: China Airlines’ New Convenient Alternative to LAX

Taiwan’s China Airlines will launch nonstop service between Taipei, Taiwan and Ontario International Airport (ONT) in Ontario, CA on March 25, 2018. China Airlines currently flies 2-3 times per day from LAX to Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei and offers several connecting flights from its hub in Taoyuan to destinations across Greater China and Southeast Asia. ( Ещё...

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1BabyGirl 3
I remember living in Pomona (close to Ontario airport) when I was a kid. Then, the airport had one paved runway and one that was dirt. It has changed immensely over the years since then. With China Airlines adding their service into there will boost the airport and community for the better.
Hopefully commuter airlines will add flights into and out of there and cause an even greater improvement.

Richard Orgill 1
Much better location when flying into the LA area. Easier to get in and out of and the location is ideal.


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