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Boeing 787 makes emergency landing on test flight

DALLAS (AP) — A Boeing 787 jetliner made an emergency landing after smoke was detected in the main cabin during a test flight over Texas. A Boeing spokeswoman said Tuesday that the plane landed safely . . . ( Ещё...

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Daniel Baker 0
[ Link to FlightAware flight track for BOE2 diversion flight]
rwb2112 0
Wonder why they didn't divert to KSKF where there is a Boeing facility, judging by the flight graph they were closer to San Antonio than Laredo when they started to decend?
Daniel Baker 0
(CNN) -- Boeing said Wednesday it has canceled tests flights of its 787 Dreamliner after one made an emergency landing in south Texas.
Thomas Horstmann 0
Sure wish more information would come out on what exactly happened, and the seriousness of the situation causing them to declare an emergency and divert.
Jeff Lawson 0
There's a little more information/speculation in [ another squawk]
Thomas Horstmann 0
Not good, I hope they track down the problem and come up with a quick fix, as anything which causes a cascading series of failures isn't good, especially in a plane. And if there is any truth to the rumors of reduntant system failures, clearly there are major issues to address, hopefully quickly.
Greg Zelna 0
It seems to me the 'systems worked' on this plane. Essential flight functions evidently remained in operation (it landed safely) even though there appears to have been a fairly significant fire effecting numerous other electrical systems. We don't even know if it wasn't the test equipment (temporarily) installed on the aircraft which caused the fire. I design COM/Nav systems for the ATS market though I am not familiar with the 787 Ebay. We're hearing that a 'system control panel' to do with power ignited, and that other systems failed in a 'cascading' fashion. Interrupt the power to any (dependent) electronics and well, yes they certainly will shut down if they don't have redundant power/battery backup, or both...Should differentiate between 'fail' and shutdown, also , shutdowns are typically recoverable via various methods, a failure and its offline until repaired..... Shut downs happen, for a variety of reasons,a failures, well are never an option to plagarize others....
secondamendment 0
I still have the option open that possibly the smoke originated from on board testing equipment.
Ivan Warrington 0
Nope, he fire was in the electrical equipment bay. The only thing that contained was the fire blanket in that bay. The side of the fuselage behind left wing appears to be involved. Seattle Times has a lot more information and picture.

This on top of the Trent 1000's coming apart.
sea tac 0
it s a dreamliner and i hope boeing fix the probleme soon
gustavo marchueta 0


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